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How will the Combined Infrastructure Levy work, how should it work? - Shared screen with speaker view
Helen Dias
CIL was intended to reach down into prices paid for land so land owners contribute. Does the new system achieve this?
Alice Lester
I don't know if finance directors will be prepared to borrow on the back of income that may or may not come through
Helen Dias
Alice Lester
Where is the local authority voice in this debate? CIL and S106 work well from my perspective.
Jeni Jackson
I agree with Alice: Wandsworth is very concerned about the implications arising from the Levy proposals for the implications for large scale regeneration.
Cuma Ahmet
The White Paper consultation consistently raises the issue of resourcing for local authorities. Glad to hear Meeta reiterating this!
Tim Knight
From a private sector viewpoint the impact on regeneration concerns me too as the Levy proposals by being based on values rather than viability will prioritise greenfield development over brownfield.