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Puget Sound: Maintaining Momentum for Economic Justice Part 1 - Shared screen with gallery view
Asset Funders Network
Lauren:Lauren McGowan has developed a relentless drive to fight poverty and a fierce commitment to equity and justice. She currently serves as the AVP of Ending Homelessness and Poverty at United Way of King County. In this role she oversees the investment of 50 million dollars annually and the development of strategies and policies to increase access to housing, food, income, and justice. She leads the United Way response to the economic impacts of COVID-19, WA No Kid Hungry Campaign and the engagement of 200 AmeriCorps members annually.Emily: https://budgetandpolicy.org/our-team/emily-vyhnanekShaun: https://povertyaction.org/shaun-scottMargaret: https://budgetandpolicy.org/our-team/margaret-babayan
Annette Case
The recording will be shared out after the event
Oskar Zambrano
Thank you!
Margaret Babayan (she/her), WA Budget & Policy Center
Annette Case
Please add any questions you have for panelists in the chat
Margaret Babayan (she/her), WA Budget & Policy Center
Yes, great point - these are OUR tax dollars!