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A and B Basketball Host site Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Speer
The GoFan app has not been working on our coaches and administration phones that are androids. But it works fine on apple. Any suggestions?
Van Shea Iven
There is no GoFan app for androids. If you have an android phone, they can go to GoFan.co (not com) and get their pass on their phone there.
Theron Graybill
Last year there was a QR code sent out to link to GoFan, will that be done again?
charles hill
$3 to schools is thru GoFan or cash?
Scot Friesen
Why did we move times to 6:00
We do have internet issues in our rural area sometimes to redeem the tickets in regular season games. Will try our best to get them redeemed.