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Topic: System Integration & Policy (Group discussions focused on electric vehicles, infrastructure, & research) - Shared screen with gallery view
Bonnie Trowbridge
Hi everyone - I have to leave today at 10:30 for a standing meeting. I'm very sorry to miss the rest of this conversation! Please reach out if I can help you in any way. bonnie@denvermetrocleancities.org
Maury Dobbie-- Collaboratory
Thanks for joining us Bonnie. We have recorded all three of these discussions and anyone can watch at any time at this link: https://www.coloradocollaboratory.org/colorado-electric-vehicle-stakeholders/
Joel Danforth
Apologies, but I have to jump off at 11 also. Great conversation today -- I look forward to meeting again.
Justin Wilson
We could almost summarize our conversation thus far. Be Colorado!