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DFAN & Meity Hub - FRIDAYS WITH FOUNDER - Shared screen with speaker view
Pratul Chandra
is it applicable where the startup focusses on B2B
Hemlata K V
my two bits to that ..there used to be a saying that 'no one got fored for buying an IBM'... I think that was the oldest example of B2B flywheel
Hemlata K V
kunal bhardwaj
Q1 - bot sure if its the right question to ask but - need guidance where there’s a startup idea, backed by hard consumer insights and data - but needs funds to actually take off, what is the best way / best step forward..from market feedback - just and idea or plan dsnt get funding - that’s what everyone has been telling us.
kunal bhardwaj
No one is lending us a penny :p
Abhiroop Roy
my exp as a tech startup founder during COVID times - pivoted the business model and product use cases..we were focused on restaurants, beauty svcs - bringing customers to stores + online.. but during pandemic - went with contactless ordering/ delivery..we got to revenue and profit stage by pivoting further, leveraging the tech expertise we created..
Pankaj Sharma
We don't need funding but guidance to hire tech to build our product.Being a very small startup not able to hire right...
Abhiroop Roy
in today's startup market - is it a better idea to minimize the bootstrap period and get angel round, get the team full time on a small salary and raise next 1-2 rounds faster and then widen the period to raise further rounds/ focus on revenue funding ops for longer period - so in a way - move the bootstrapping phase to say after series A/ B..but raise first few rounds faster - to leverage on whitespace/ early mover advantage if the competition in the space is less.
Jai Gupta
how do I pitch the traction of my consumer's to the investors?
Kislay Sinha
Would REFER works in B2B Horizon?
Brahma Sen
I have a follow up question on finding a co-founder. If you don't see somebody in your immediate circle, does that mean I am not associating with correct eco-system?
Brahma Sen
Pratul Chandra