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Cyber Security: Protecting Student Data and PII - Shared screen with speaker view
James Webb
Hi all from American National University
Omar Bernal
Good afternoon everyone, just a note: when it comes to cybersecurity, an institution can be fully compliant and have many policies and network security appliances in place to enforce and protect network and systems, unfortunately at the end of the day, awareness and end-user training it is very important and I would say the most important approach, it only takes one individual with enough access to bring down an institution, keep in mind, becoming a victim of malware\hacker\phishing\ransomware attacks would not work without the most important element, YOU! UHS was hit not too long ago, they invest millions of dollars in network and security infrastructure, and yet, it took two high-level executives\users to bring down over 400 sites and 90,000 employees for a couple of weeks.