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Alliance Overview and Opportunities for Photopolymer Materials and Systems Characterization - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. Dianne Poster (NIST)
Hello everyone and welcome to the panel. Please place questions in the chat feature.
Spencer Loveless
I loved that you talked about low cost light sources. When and can material cost hit thermal plastic prices of $2/lb?
Jason Killgore
Xiayun, do you monitor how the power is varying over long time scales in these student-calibrations? How much variation do you see?
André Fuchs
Controlling the light source of the printer is important. For some applications (dental) the post curing equipment is even more important.
Sharon Flank
Odd echoes of the drive for PAT, Process Analytical Technology, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, including encouraging modeling, monitoring, and use of NIR and other spectroscopy
André Fuchs
The "new" Jacobs equation should consider photobleaching.
Daniel Rau
In my opinion- Jacob’s equation shouldn’t be viewed as a fundamental material curing model but a calibration model for that material curing on a specific printer (wavelength, intensity).
Robert McLeod
That’s interesting, Andre. We choose absorbers to avoid the complexity of photobleaching. When is this important?
André Fuchs
Printing of (virtually) colorless materials.
Robert McLeod
Got it. Interesting.
André Fuchs
Fully agree David!
Maxim Shusteff
@Daniel Rau, completely agreed, it's a resin-specific calibration. So it's important to make it turn-key and reliable and universal enough so that everyone is doing it the same way.
Nakul Bende (Formlabs)
There is already a standardization for FDA approved materials - SLA is a big player in that market - can something be done on that side which can be set as a trailblazer?
Andrew Harbourne
Industry developed compliance standards frequently are more effective at driving change than government legislation.
Nakul Bende (Formlabs)
myself and callie have chatted about this - we can not be the first industry which is dealing with so much variability - can we look elsewhere to see how things were standardized?