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NCSEJ Webinar Featuring Ruslan Kavatsiuk, Deputy CEO, Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center and Rabbi Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine - Shared screen with speaker view
gerald platt
Several days ago, the mayor of Jerusalem had series of images of the Ukrainian and russian flags projected on the walls of the old city. Apparently, this backfired badly and was perceived as being foolish. How do you feelIsrael should present its sentiments towards this crisis, or should it not take any sides, considering its need to not anger the russian bear.
gerald platt
i think it is critical that people like rabbi bleich speak loudly and clearly that current day ukraine is not an anti-semitic state. too many holocaust historians are siting graphic examples of holocaust collaberators and the progenitors of today's population.despite the fact that we never forget, we have to praise ukraine for its current day policies to fight anti-semitism. there is a very bad misconception in the american jewish community today.
Ezra Hess - NCSEJ
Ezra Hess - NCSEJ
gerald platt
if a US president draws a red line and doesn't react to a violation (read obama in syria / chemical and bio warfare), how really red is the line? not really sure if biden's threat of 'don't cross the red line' really has gravitas.
gerald platt
addressing the current reamrks, has the usa been as welcoming to the refugees as other countries in western europe?
Mindy Stein
Mindy Stein: If we want to travel to these countries to help an volunteer, and if we are willing to put Ukrainians in our houses in the U.S How do we do this?