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Part 1: Helping Students, Staff, and Administrators Cope with Crisis and Loss During the COVID-19 PandemicMy Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
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Welcome to the webinar "Part 1: Helping Students, Staff, and Administrators Cope with Crisis and Loss During the COVID-19 Pandemic." Please use the chat feature to ask your questions.
AASA Webinars webinar@aasa.org
The slides and recording will be available online at https://aasa.org/AASA-LeadershipNetwork-webinars.aspx and send to all registrants.
AASA Webinars webinar@aasa.org
The handout is also available at http://www.aasa.org/uploadedFiles/Helpingcopewithcrisis.pdf
AASA Webinars webinar@aasa.org
You are invited to register for Part 2 Webinar: Professional Support and Self-Care -- Supporting Adults, Including Ourselves, During the Pandemic at http://links.aasa.org/2MQBGTQ
Kayla Jackson
How do you suggest we deal with students returning to a school where we've lost a number of staff members? Everyone is grieving the losses in the building, coupled with their own personal losses. How do we help the students and staff during times like this?
Kayla Jackson
Students and staff are also grieving the loss of transitions - graduations, proms, athletics, science fairs, annual drama presentations and concerts, etc. How do we acknowledge these losses with respect, especially for those who may have worked for their entire K-12 career to the 'big payoff' during senior year?
Kayla Jackson
Do you have strategies for how to support students and staff after the acute phase of this loss and trauma are over? This won't go away in four years or six years. How do we support everyone long term?
Sharon Adams-Taylor
Strategies for schools: Trauma informed vs healing informed?
Kayla Jackson
Post-traumatic growth - a positive that's not shared widely enough during this time.