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HOTELS & INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY - Shared screen with speaker view
Krishnan Doyle
Welcome along everyone! If you have any questions or comments then please pop them in the chat
Krishnan Doyle
Sorry! Chat now enabled...
Lourens Venter
Have no idea how that helps? Thought this is abt hospitality employees post covid?
Lourens Venter
Do not agree. We all want to check in and check out. Wtf do u mean tho?
Krishnan Doyle
Lourens - If you want make random comments then that's fine. Language that offends the people who feely contribute their time to this webinar is not appreciated or requested. You will now be removed.
Bruno Veninga
Local UK tourism / "staycations" are very expensive compared to travelling for instance to Europe... that's why international tourism in UK hasn't been replaced in numbers by local tourism IMHO?
Bruno Veninga
Couldn't agree more regarding in-person networking and development... same goes for design & construction management within the industry... difficult to do remotely...
Austen Bushrod - HotelCostClinic.com
No. 1 Savings tip... Audit your past energy bills. You can go back 7 years in the UK and the industry standard is only 95% bill accuracy. There are people that can do this for you - fell free to contact HotelCostClinic.com if we can help!