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Lena Rosenior - De Graft Management (DGM)'s Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
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Jonathan Mathenge (DGM)
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In the UK we are seeing and hearing that a lot of the big finance houses who take up the premium space in the City of London are severely reducing their footprint and allowing their workers greater flexibility to work from home which could lead to a potential reduction of up to 50%. Is this also being reflected in Africa?
Robert S
Its become really a had task to collect Rents from residential properties over here in Nairobi Majorly Dew reduction of income or loss of income to the Tenants. reduction of rent to 50 or 60% Has put developers and Landlords in a hard place as some houses were mortgaged.... Instalments are lucking behind … How are you mitigating this situation?
From a tech perspective one of the big wins has been the fact that the infrastructure has been in place in the west to cope with the sudden demand of WFH. As builders and developers is there an acknowledgement that homes now need to have the infrastructure as part of the build to support high speed internet? Are developers working with ISPS to ensure that broadband is part of the planning for new estates? I feel it will become a key differentiator in the future
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Victor Amoo
Development in the west was traditionally built around natural transportation modes - waterways, ports, canals etc and furthered by railroads and roads. If what Herman says is true, what affect do you foresee this having on future development - Victor Amoo
Robert Simiyu
Hey what New opportunities exist in the industry during this covid 19 situation... (New Trents in the Industry)..
Elizabeth Ashun
Did you liaise directly with lawyers with respect to the requirement to vary commercial leases (break rights/ rent concession and holidays/early termination) or did you do renegotiations directly with the tenants?
Lena Rosenior - De Graft Management (DGM)
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Yvonne Okyere-Whalley
Insightful webinar, thanks to all
Cyril Awere
Many thanks Angela, Jackie, Lena, Kofi, Ian, Nk and Herman for your very insightful conversation. We have an opportunity now than ever before to transform our African continent, so let’s all get to work!
Robert Simiyu
Thank you to our great speakers
Mark Gichini
Wonderful webinar. Great Insights!
Julius Denyoh
happy to be part of this webinar thank you all
Josue T. Waffo
Hey Sonja, not sure if it was you at the DGM Prop & AM webinar? GReat connecting with you. Regards, Josue
Victor Amoo
Thank you all