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(Ref 171400) Investing in science and innovation in Africa - convened by /IMF/VCs (maybe AfDB) - Shared screen with speaker view
Frank Ojwang
Africa is paradise.
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
Yes Africa is home
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
Samuel Adunreke from Innovea Hubs and doing a lot in promoting technology and innovation
Alex Cahana
Please post questions and remarks here
Frank Ojwang
My question to all presenters - How do all these tech and innovation that we are championing transform the lives of the most vulnerable and poorest of the poor in Africa (visibly) AT SCALE? 'At scale' is the key word.
Alex Cahana
Here is a post about recent in investing in Africa https://medium.com/quantum-economics/cbinsights-2021-global-state-of-venture-report-forgot-africa-1b9ecdfc09e7
Frank Ojwang
I read the post earlier and it looks flashy as always, reflecting the flashy benefits for the investors, but the script is different in the lives of the majority poor. How does Africa achieve quid pro quo in all the collaborations and investments in Africa? Outsiders are getting wealthier while Africans are being made comfortable with generational poverty script. It is normalized through systemic design instigated initiatives.
Barry Palte
Frank, great questions - I will give my perspective
Frank Ojwang
There is a consistent pattern that is visible with every new generation since 1880, and all I see a cycle of imbalanced partnership in all sectors, and a tactful systemically-design, inspired impediment that is nuanced and subtle in the lives of the majority of Africans.
Denise Galvin - Spain
@ Frank Ojwang great question. At least 29 African countries are listed as being LCDs. I was able to contribute to the OACPS R & I PSF Policy Recommendations Report - many issues with the larger out-of-school population and those that are mrginalised in a socio-economic sense so the funding comes from community co-ops that are outside of the national tax system because that is the only way these village entrepreneurs can get a start
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
Dear Denise I would appreciate your experience on our Board
Frank Ojwang
#Is it possible to reset Africa to the socio-politicial systems of the 1850s (but modernize it with the good lessons from the western world including ending FGM, child labor, human trafficking etc), and help build it from the lense of the socio-cultural dynamics of those years. In the 1850s, no African was called a refugee in Africa, they had free movement within Africa, they did not need a visa to move within Africa etc Right now, it is easier for a westerner to move freely within Africa than an African, Africa has 2 planting seasons with a perfect weather all year round, but is is food insecure, bad governance is supported by implied action in Africa etc We are basically asking the questions - is this really the kind of collaboration we want to advance between EU and Africa? Or is it about time we became candid and re-negotiate the terms of the partnership, so that we have equal terms on travel (reciprocity in travel), labour laws, epistemological justice etc
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
Africa definitely is Africa's Problem because its government and people has westernised their mentality. Frank I believe how we can better be Africans is to live ourselves
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
web 1.0 was the web without images
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
it all had information transmitted like the telnet
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
The challenges shall be able to navigate the Policy sanboxes especially by central banks
Samuel Adunreke - Innovea Hubs
We recently launched a UN Energy Compact and one of the component of that compact is the use of Decentralized systems to projects energy progress as well as check redundancy in Emery Systems
Prof Steve Little Tshwane University of Technology
Apologies, switching to another meeting - clear that effective technology transfer requires meaningful end-user engagement and a degree of co-design.
Barry Palte
Well said Steve
Frank Ojwang
Let us help Africa to achieve its full potential. The EU-Africa relations should see both worlds equitably transform and progress towards a sustainable world.
Chitereka Jekoniya
What is the impact of Neoliberal policies like structural adjustment programs and rolling back of public spending on investment in science?
Oliver Blantern
Chitereka - happy to answer this
Denise Galvin - Spain
To add that BEDCO the parastatal in Lesotho responsable for providing capacity building to local start ups scale ups entrepreneurs is looking at 'non traditional funding' mechanisms ..another term but as Barry Palte pointed out Africa is constituted of a community mentality much more than we are here in the North
Frank Ojwang
Who decides what problems affect the Africans the most?
Barry Palte
Frank, I would suggest AFricans get to answer this themselves - perhaps through decentralised community decision making
Alex Cahana
This is a post about Africa rising https://healthblockchanger.medium.com/africa-is-rising-and-blockchain-is-a-central-part-of-it-81e95d8bbebd
Frank Ojwang
Thank you Barry for your suggestion. The truth - The Africans do not know how to speak for themselves, and that is why they/we are in the swamp longer. The leaders also serve as impediements and surrogate of colonialists. Few times that someone has been bold enough to speak, the consequences have been disastrous. Historical mentality and mindset issues take longer to solve. I agree with the strategic approach to changing through generational projections and plan executed meticulously.
Mariam Mauzi
Barry please give examples from free world and not from those who are representing new colonial oppression on others
Barry Palte
Good point Mariam :)
Barry Palte
I should have used Nelson Mandela
Mariam Mauzi