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PACC worship - Shared screen with speaker view
Leah Lyman Waldron
Good morning! Can everyone hear the prelude?
Laurie L Scott
Yes, and it’s beautiful!
Yes, Sounds lovely
Leah sent out an addendum with the music notes, but they can also be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WERK3D4PRGtJ2g2w4881_7UbeHNmt02N/view
Leah Lyman Waldron
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Laurie L Scott
Thank you for the note, Nick. That makes reading them easy, no need to flip back and forth.
Laurie L Scott
Music notes, I meant
So good to see everyone!! Thank you all so much for the beautiful gifts!
Janet & Norma Gormley
Prayers for Chuck Garlisi, husband of Donna (Gormley) Garlisi (Norma Gormley's daughter, Janet's sister) as he starts chemotherapy tomorrow on his 65th birthday.
Sharon Hamilton
I may have sent these prayer requests too late to be read. If so, I ask prayers for my niece Lindsy, in the path of the Portland fire and waiting to see if she has to evacuate. Also for everyone on the west coast in danger of that conflagration. Prayers for my friend Sara, in hospice and near the end of a brave battle against lung cancer. Finally, prayers of celebration for the birthday of my grandson Henry, who turns 12 today.
Leah Lyman Waldron
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Kathleen Fink
Thanks Nick for a wonderful solo in that marvelous piece…
Leah Lyman Waldron
Yes! one of my favorites :)
Andrea Hart
beautiful, Nick!
meredythe schober
What a treat to hear Nick's voice soaring in that wonderful anthem !
Betty Gitlin-Rich
Zoom - to be able to see those I love, even though I can’t be near them and for the friends I have close by that keep me going… and that I found a therapist that I trust to work through my challenges and anxiety
For the record, Fiona played the part of God's angel in that cat adventure. :D
Andrea Hart
Janet Forte
My family experienced some very traumatic events that coincided with the start of the pandemic in March. Though the path continues to be complicated, things are very stable and we hold onto the hope that stability, health and wellness will continue. This church community has been so supportive in so many ways.
Linnaea & Marianne
I'll start typing one -- happy to add to it w/ my voice. This is from yesterday. It was the first day these 6 months that we can recall where there was no tension / family conflict / challenge. And it was no coincidence that it was the day that we were getting ready to host a porch-side, just us + them, celebration of the upcoming (tomorrow!) marriage of our dear friends, Aly & Lydia. And that celebration, which was the first wedding celebration that our kids will remember attending, was not filled with some of the "obvious" things of a wedding celebration -- lots of people, seating arrangements, etc... but it WAS filled with all the things that count. Celebrations of people and relationship and love, music, a shared meal, and twinkly lights in the dark.
James Williams
Another Zoom one - joy in Alison’s and my journey for our wedding later this fall - not having family and friends with us later this fall while hoping to celebrate later in the future
Michael Rich
Yesterday - picking up my Ebenezer stone and visiting in-person with PACC loved ones was the highlight of the cover period
Michael Rich
David Morrissette
Thank you everyone for sharing.
Michael Rich
Yes - THANKS everyone! Thank God for bringing us together
Janet Forte
I found a PACC bookmark on the sidewalk on my way walking home from church. I left it there under 2 small stones in case someone might come back to look for it. This was on Appleton between Florence and Ashland.
Don & Linda Cohn
The music pieces today have been beautiful, all of them.
Debbie Douglas
Janet, I bet that mark was mine as I discovered when I got home that it wasn’t in my pocket! I’ll look for it. Debbie
Janet Forte
I wondered if it was yours, Debbie! I left it on the retaining wall in front of a house on Appleton, near your street.
Merrith Sabo-Jones
Amazing techhow great the worksthat keep us connected!I am not lost, I have a wayTo see and talk and hear!Amazing tech,we can still meetand show our common loveThe Lord sure worksin marvelous wayswhen we think of it!Amazing tech,our church is livestreamed by the internet!Our faith still grows,reflects God's graceshared through tech
Beautiful service!!
meredythe schober
Service today felt like a real homecoming !
Polly Ford
great to see everyone 😀
Michael Rich
Love those Gabriel smiles