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Ripe Tomatoes Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Lori Rapier
What are some of the top books you would recommend on evangelism? Thank you,
Wendy Benjamin
How should we respond to the "unripe" or "green" tomatoes that are close to us? Do nothing? Or is there something we can say or do?
Vicky’s iPad
When new neighbors move in on our block, I always go over and take cookies or fruit and say hello, I’ve never mentioned church but try to wait until I’ve seen them a few times, and even then I worry that it’s “too soon.” Any suggestions?
Barbara Tracy
Bear was willing to listen without judgment. He also named some of the barriers/myths that non-Christians cite and his personal experience with them.
Isabel Chapman
In casual conversation with co-workers
Erwina Bush
Walking the dog through the park in the morning… invite someone to go on a hike….
If I went to the gym on a regular time I get toe know some of the regulars like used to do.