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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force Meetings/Webinars - Shared screen with speaker view
Jon Roesler
Am I automatically muted? I do not see a microphone icon. I am also not hearing any audio with the video. I tried signing in with the telephone for audio, as well as the computer
Jon Roesler
I also do not see a camera icon
Nicole MartinRogers
Sorry I couldn't get the sound to work!
Jon Roesler
Jon Roesler
If you do not do an autopsy, what is the manner of death? Undetermined?
Jon Roesler
How often (proportion) in conducting autopsies that you have to send out blood/tissue specimens, vs. doing it with your own lab?
Jon Roesler
If there is a religious objection to autopsy, will you usually do a visual exam, an Xray, and collect blood/other specimens?
Jon Roesler
"Knock me over with a feather"... what if a fall involves a frail elder with cancer, diabetes, etc. and that person dies?
Jon Roesler
Jon Roesler
In responding to the previous question, per the CDC, since 1999 in Minnesota residents, for American Indian women ages 15 and older, these are the counts: Unintentional - 442; Suicide - 79; Homicide - 47; Undetermined - 24; Natural - 3,387
Jon Roesler
Injury epi's don't like "accident"
Jon Roesler
How often do you work with an unidentified decedent? Do you have any of those cases right now? How many unidentified decedents have you had?
Jon Roesler
what about a death cert for an unidentified decedent? Isn't it normally the funeral director who initiates the death cert? But with an unidentified individual, there may not be a funeral director?
Denise Prescott
Wondering about Tribes acquiring their own Field Death Examiners, keeping in mind promoting more Native representation in this field and someone who is culturally familiar with their communities.
Nicole MartinRogers
can you clarify do all countie shave a ME and a coroner?