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WIPO-LES Webinar: Best Strategies in Mediation and Arbitration - Shared screen with speaker view
Dana Colarulli
Hello everyone! We welcome your questions at https://www.sli.do/Event Code #SEA2020”
Dana Colarulli
If you have a question, please do take this time to post it on https://www.sli.do/(Event Code #SEA2020)
Dana Colarulli
You may also post your question here in the Chat box to everyone.
Meryl Koh
In your view (both Chiara and Joyce), can you put in a few words, what is your goal of mediation? Is arbitration/litigation considered a last resort in your view?
Eliza I. Stefaniw
how are new mediators added to the WIPO panel?
Dana Colarulli
Sharing this Questions with everyone: What effect, if any, do you (both Chiara and Joyce) think the Singapore Mediation Convention would have on the types of IP mediation we are talking today, please?
Meryl Koh
A follow up question - so does that mean settlement is the goal?
Meryl Koh
Thank you Joyce and Chiara.
djamel el akra
Does the WIPO mediation is within the scope of the new UN convention on international settlement agreements resulting from mediation?
Vinod Kumar Agarwal
Pardon Me for not listing my Q earlier. I am from Mumbai India and I would like to take this opportunity to ask the learned Panel relate to IP in Scripts related to Film Industry and remake rights of foreign Movies. Please address this if this relates to this session. Thanks
Pratap Shanker
An excellent experience. we may bring such webinars at the regular intervals. Warmly, Pratap Shanker.. pratapshanker@gmail.com
Meryl Koh
Thank you!