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Rasna’s iPhone (2)
also, how do we solve the serial catnapper!?!
Gaye Ezgi
6 months old, Edinburgh
Reid and Kirstie
How do we reduce the number of night feeds, and get him to settle better - he takes a lot of rocking to get him to sleep? Thank you
Selina’s iPhone
My baby was sleeping really well and then all of a sudden 2 weeks ago she started to wake up every 2 hours in the night. How do I get there to sleep for longer again?
Sara Akhtar
My baby is 5 months nearly 6. She's never slept through the night but we had got down to 2/3 feeds a night but for the last few weeks waking every hour. She doesn't self settle I've tried putting down sleepy but awake but she wakes right up and thinks it's playtime. Naps are also only 40 mins. I'm worried it might affect her development?
Stephane Petter
Hi Kate,We have a 3 month old girl who cannot nap and takes 1.5-2.5 hours to down for the night after several attempts. She is visibly tired from around 6pm but won't stay down until 9-10pm. We have tried starting her routine soon after 6pm and around 9pm.Routine includes darkened room, soothing music, and breast feeding. Once drowsy she fully awakes if put down and is upset. The only solution is 2-4 cycles of eat, fall asleep on breast, put down, repeat.How could we shorten this routine? Daytime naps are also a struggle and she might have quiet cot time but won't fall asleep, only sleeps on the breast.Thank you!
My 4 month old baby finds it hard to settle for naps, takes a lot of rocking and shushing to get her to sleep, already starts crying when we enter the bedroom as she knows we are putting her down. She also always just sleeps 30mins per nap, so does 4-5 naps a day. Any tipps on how to improve things? thank you!
any tips for toddlers. still have to rock to sleep and will not sleep the whole night in his cot. ends up in bed after a couple of hours. tried to let him cry it out he makes himself sick! tried soothing him and then putting him back in his cot he will just scream the house down!
I'm finding it hard to get my 4 and a half month old to settle for naps. We're doing a routine, using awake windows and the room is dark but she still needs a cuddle and rock to get to sleep and often cries and grizzles. Is this normal or could I be doing anything else? Thanks!
Bev Wilson
My son will be 1 in two weeks. He wakes every hour of the night wanting boob. He’s woken up every hour since he was about 4 weeks old. I am broken. I’m back at work now too so these hourly wakes are a torture (my other son was the same until he was 2.5 years old). Every. Single. Hour. Nothing settles him other than the boob. I co-sleep. Help!! He’s at nursery 3 days a week (I’m back at work). When he is with me, he naps about 9am for an hour and now refuses an afternoon nap, so by 6pm is a total wreck! How do I move his morning nap later so he just has the 1 nap at a more reasonable time so that he’s not awake from 10am-6pm!! Thanks. Bev x
Katie Gill
If I let my 8 month old nap on me for most of the time will I make his sleep worse? He stays asleep in his cot at night and self settles in the night but in the day has to be cuddled to sleep and only sleeps for 30 minutes in his cot before wanting to sleep on me. It mostly works for me currently but I worry about when he goes nursery next year.
Desi Milanova
I co-sleep with my 8mo daughter bit she's now rolling and nearly crawling, so I'm worried she may fall off the bed. I wanted to get her a floor bed for her room so I can get in with her and nurse her to sleep. are there any safety issues with floor bed that I may have not necessarily thought about?
my mum has said to stop giving milk during the night, and to try giving water as he will stop waking up for a feed.. is there any truth to this?
Sadia Choudhury
what's that website for the sleep timetable plz?
Rasna’s iPhone (2)
how long to you continue pick up put down within the nap time? do you go past that sleep window?
Sadia Choudhury
I have a 7 month old and 3 year old. 7 month old is constantly up and needs me to help her get back to sleep. We are in a one bedroom flat so how do I try to get 7 month old to self settle when sharing a room? I don't want the 3 year old to wake
Katie Gill
with gradual retreat, if i leave them for 30-45 mins before helping settle them to sleep by cuddling to make sure they get the nap in will that not prevent any progress?
do you have any advice for a single parent doing it all alone and struggling to get any sleep
7 month is eating 3 meals a day but is hardly breastfeeding during the day but she will feed during the night. What do I do here?
Bev Wilson
Thank you xxxx
will this be available to view after? 😊
Desi Milanova
Reid and Kirstie
Thank you very much
how can I make naps easier for my 4 month old, whatever I do she cries when it's time to nap and we go into her bedroom.
thanks for all the advice!!
Should they have a set bedtime at 11 weeks even if they don’t have feed times at the same time each day?
thank you!
Kathy & Millie (9months)