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Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote - Shared screen with gallery view
Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First
Welcome folks! We'll be getting starting very shortly.
Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First
Fix Democracy First - https://www.fixdemocracyfirst.org/Meaningful Movies Project Tacoma - https://meaningfulmovies.org/neighborhoods/tacoma/
Norm Conrad
Ken Blackwell, former Sec. of State in Ohio, did the same things to create long lines for students and those in minority majority neighborhoods.Of course, we all know what happened in FL in 2000. These tactics have a LOOOOOOOOOONG history in the South, originally by the old guard, then the Democrats, then the Dixiecrats and now the Republicans. But machine politicians of all varieties have ALWAYS tried to warp the outcome from Tamany Hall to Chicago.But this is the old suppression on steroids, and we must stop this crap.
Carol Christ
I want to share the film with others, can I give the fixdemocracyfirst or the meaningfulmovies links?
Daisy Zachariah
do we have similar problems in pierce county or King County
Carol Christ
Is that map "States with Restrictive Voting Laws Enacted since 2020" available elsewhere, or only through the webinar video?
Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First
@Carol - Feel free to share the recording links.
Carol Christ
A " secretary of state" is obviously involved with elections. But are there other positions with direct ties to elections? The county clerks are elected, I think???
Norm Conrad
Each county in the state and country actually conduct the polling places, collect the ballots and initially count them. The county officials also sometimes try to suppress the vote. Scott Walker, former gov. of Wisconsin, a few years before becoming governor, was the County Executive of Milwaukee County. As such he tried to limit new registrations by requiring new registrations be on a specific weight and size of paper. Fortunately, he was sued, and he lost.
Kathryn Keller
I presume people here are WA Voters. Can you name names of those who are running but oppose free and fair elections in WA State?
Arnold Byron
Changes of state rules are made in state legislatures. What kinds of efforts are being made to elect legislators that will make the right choices. Is it the responsibility of people in all of the states to help make changes in the legislatures of recalcitrant tates?
Norm Conrad
Many local efforts have been made over the years to swipe an election. One classic happened in Ohio in, I think, the 2012 or sometime around that, One county halted counting and reporting results because, they claimed of a terrorist threat. Problem was that no police, FBI, etc. office had any knowledge of it. When the county re-opened, the vote for the Republican and Democrat was flipped.
Carol Christ
On YouTube I searched forfighttovote.orgYou'll find the full film and can share it right away!
Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First
Suppressed & Vote film - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EGuGClzZCE
Keitha Bryson
The Washington League of Women Voters has a committee training students to pre-register other high school students when they are 16 & 17.
Angela Arms, Meaningful Movies Tacoma
This is great to hear! Thank you Keitha
Arnold Byron
It is important to be registered at the place where you live in order to get your ballot mailed to your home. If you know anyone who has moved to a new home make sure they check on their voter registration.
Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First
Fix Democracy First - https://www.fixdemocracyfirst.org/
Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First
Meaningful Movies Project Tacoma - https://meaningfulmovies.org/neighborhoods/tacoma/
Carol Christ
or if you've changed your NAME you need to re-register
Kathryn Lewandowsky
Thanks so much Cindy for promoting this and all your work at FDF
Keitha Bryson
When will someone contact a major TV source who can show this on nationwide TV? 60 minutes, CNN, MSNBC
Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First
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Kathy Rai
thank you! :)