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Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC) Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Glenn Bailey
To ask a QUESTION, please use Raise Hand feature in Reations
Glenn Bailey
...Raise Hand feature is in REACTIONS
Tony Wilkinson
Thank you Glenn!
Tony Wilkinson
There are shades of meaning. I agree that we are not "employees". However, how do we deal with discriminatory and even violent behavior among us at our meetings? The idea is the meetings are a 'workplace' for the purposes of enforcing inter-personal behavior. After all, that is likely to be the subject of a lawsuit.
Tony Wilkinson
Sarah M. Ramsawack
``  I DO HAVE THE FOUR LISTENING SESSIONS FOR NCs to discuss their points of concern. You must register ignorer to participant in the NC feedback sessions. Then you will be notified prior to get the Zoom sign in directions. I am Sarah and I have already registered for all four sessions.
Tony Wilkinson
Let's be practical. "Hybrid" meetings just won't work in the short term. They are a year or more away and require technology.
Tony Wilkinson
We either meet in person or we meet virtually. Only two options.
Cheri Derohanian
DONE would be hard-pressed to insist on forcing “in-person “ board meetings when the median age of NC board members is probably close to age 65! B
Tony Wilkinson
The workgroup and the NC system (**US**) should be advocating for an ongoing permission under the Brown Act for unpaid advisory bodies with no more that a $50,000 annual budget to continue to meet virtually, provided that their creating agency agrees.
Cheri Derohanian
The City of LA would never open itself up to more possible litigation when meetings produce more CIVID cases!
Tony Wilkinson
This would affect Ventura and other areas that have similar neighborhood council systems. It is a statewide interest in direct democracy that should be recognized.
Tony Wilkinson
The four so-called feedback sessions were called as DEFENSIVE sessions by DONE when they found out that there was a huge rebellion against their proposed policy.
Glenn Bailey
Was agenda item 6 Budget Advocates skipped?
Tony Wilkinson
I think so.
Glenn Bailey
Let's do agenda item 6 before item 9. Thanks.
Brian, we follow Calosha, which has been approved as a separate stand alone plan by OSHA. FYI. also, Calosha does not have enough inspectors to possibly enforce this nor do they have a mechanism to ensure privacy issues with health.
Glenn Bailey
Budget Day plenary session recording is linked on the website: www.BudgetAdvocates.org
Glenn Bailey
Museum of the SFV is at Nordhoff St. and Wilbur Ave.
cindy cleghorn
Thank you Jill, Linda and Glenn for all you do!!!