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Noon Rotary Zoom - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandra Munger
I was up at 3:15 am because I worked the election
Kacie Mach
Sandra! Thank you for volunteering! So awesome! Kudos!
Stacy Plemmons
Very nice Inspirational, Bob. You put a lot of work into that. Well done.
ralph smith
How has undergraduate enrollment in Ag Sciences held up?
Stacy Plemmons
wasp that either is a host for a parasite, or lays it's eggs in another beneficial insect?
Stacy Plemmons
James, loved the movie Biggest Little Farm. Comments on the reality and/or challenges of getting that farm up and successful? Is it economically available to all? Economically sustainable?
Bill Timpson
Talk a bit about how your College is responding to the climate change crisis? How do we do better to conserve water, e.g., drip irrigation? Reduce chemical use and promote organic food production? Reduce meat consumption and increase plant-based foods?
David Stewart
How does Ag work with Engineering on water issues both in Ag and statewide water issues?
Allan Kirkpatrick
Does the college have sustainability projects aimed at mitigating the effect of livestock on the more arid public lands in the West ?
Bob Meroney
How have the various excise taxes imposed by the US and China affected the beef industry, number of Chinese students, cooperative work with Chinese scientists.
Bill Timpson
Had the land grant mission suffered with the decline in state funding?
ralph smith
I've heard of a surge in interest in horticulture due to cultivation of "weed" and hemp. Has that helped enrollment?
Sandra Munger
You mentioned drones. Is there a lot use of them here or use of satellites? My cousin farms in Iowa and cut his fertilizer and pesticide bills in half by using the satellites
judith boggs
How does CSU connect with ranchers and farmers? How do they get help from the university?
Sandra Munger
I asked the above question at my Rotary club in the Panhandle of Texas and the answer was that practically no one was using this technology
Kirvin Knox
what is the relationship between the National Western & College of ag?
Lloyd Thomas
What type of scientists or experts study the relationship between horses and humans regarding "wellness."?
Bob Meroney
Is CSU agriculture involved in CBD production from flax?
Sandra Munger
James Pritchett
Thanks to Lloyd for this question. Our partnership has been with equine behavior scientists and occupational therapists. Wellness is defined around mental and physical health outcome measures.
James Pritchett
Bob, I am not aware of any CBD research related to flax .. I will ask around a bit.
James Pritchett
Kirvin, thanks for your question. The National Western Center and CSU share a common vision for the redevelopment of the old facility. The National Western Center redevelopment is governed by a special district of which CSU has seats on an 11 seat board. (I believe CSU has 3 seats, but would need to verify). CSU also owns three buildings on the site -- one focused on water, another around animal health, and a third on food and agriculture. Programs will be CSU sponsored and implemented in those buildings, but with allied planning alongside NWC programming.
James Pritchett
Sandra, thanks for your question. We've used both drones and satellites in agriculture in Colorado … primarily around water use rather than nutrient use. We also make heavy use of precision agriculture by scans taken from tractors and harvest equipment.
Blake Kennedy
Del if anyone has questions about the match from Ent, They can email me at BKennedy@ent.com
Stacy Plemmons
James - very unscientific study - we see far fewer bugs on our windshield today than in the past. How is the reduction of bugs in general affecting agriculture?
Stacy Plemmons
….now and into the future?