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Virtual Parent Meeting - Shared screen with gallery view
What about a UVC light running at the school at night, that kills all bacteria, viruses, etc. Most hospitals are implementing this now, what about the school? I would feel better with this running at night.
Darcie Perkins
Positivity rates are high right now which means we aren’t testing enough people and positive cases are higher than we are detecting. How does that factor into this school decisions for testing protocol?
Also the school should have some pulse oximeters at the school nurses office, while mandating masks oxygen levels are not deprived!
James Utt
How come there is no real online option for learning. The option given with pathways is really no more than a correspondence course without our teachers involvement on any level? Feeling like our district punted on this option and we don’t really have a real option in our school district. Very dissatisfied with this so-called option.
Darcie Perkins
I’m curious why a hybrid model is not an option immediately, and why 100% online or 100% brick and mortar are now the only two options? Can a hybrid option from the start of school be reconsidered?
James Utt
There are so many other options for online that other school districts are planning. Why aren’t we considering those better options? We can do better!
Mary Gomez
To clarify my question, will there be any compensation for the extra efforts of our teachers?
James Utt
So students that originally sign up for classroom instruction can move to online when the conditions dictate, but pathways students don’t have the option to join the classroom. Why.
Darcie Perkins
Please reconsider a full time hybrid option as that would be ideal for many families who may have reasons to be more conservative but don’t want to join Pathways.
Mary Gomez
Perhaps you could consider putting cameras in the classrooms to stream lessons online for students that are absent.
James Utt
maybe next time forget the slides and general info and spend real time answering questions. impossible to make any decisions without the details. Still have not even heard that basic 6 foot distancing will be maintained in the classroom. How do plan to do that with all kids in the classroom at the same time?
Darcie Perkins
Thank you all for your time - very good discussion. I may attend other meetings just to listen and learn more before we make a final decision.
James Utt
Agree with Mary on the cameras in the classroom.
Perri Pelletier
We are so grateful for the hard work and heart that have been applied to the COVID challenge. Kudos to Leslie and GWSD!
Are the classroom sizes changing?
James Utt
Sounds like the only real option is to enroll in classroom and then keep students home a lot of days to minimize exposure.
James Utt
Can you explain why it is too much of a “heavy lift” to do online options like other school districts are doing?
Mary Gomez
How will classes such as band and choir work with such great transmission of air?
James Utt
Still not clear that if a student or teacher test positive will the entire class /school/ parents quarantine ?
James Utt
Can you clarify the attendance policy again. If a student enrolls in classroom but is home more than the normal amount allowed for absences, how will that be treated?
Asking again just in case you can address please - Why is the cafeteria being used at all for meals? Why not keep the kids within their class pods and have them eat in their classrooms to reduce exposure? The CBES lunch blocks are already very short, and if the kids are to wash hands or sanitize prior to eating, accomplishing this in addition to eating all within 20 minutes would be more successful in the classroom.
Mary Gomez
In Gunnison, the lunch blocks are also very short, ultimately being 7-10 minutes long after the lunch line. In addition to sanitization, there seems to be no feasible way to accomplish kids getting an appropriate lunch? Physical distancing is not possible in the cafeterias on GCS.
James Utt
So no absence penalty if a student misses say 2 or 3 days a week each week when infections are rising?
Have you considered requiring all kids to self-isolate for 10 days prior to school start?
James Utt
The more I hear about this plan it just seems that here are so many things wrong with it, from disregarding CDC guidelinesdistancing, etc,