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Northeast Indiana IEDC READI Road Show - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarina Harig
Will we be sent slides?
Sherilyn Emberton
what constitutes a private match
Ellen Cutter
In regional cities, for each project we had to submit data required to do an IMPLAN impact assessment for each project. Is there an ROI analysis required, as part of the application, for READI?
Sherilyn Emberton
where would USDA funding fall?
Kristi Sturtz
What is the source of the READI dollars...state, state allocation of federal ARP, other?
Is NE Indiana a predefined region in the IEDC’s eyes, that can only submit one application? Or, if our region submitted two distinct regions (non-overlapping counties) could two READI applications be submitted from this area of the state?
Schedule indicates "First round of funding in December" Is an amount identified to award. When in next round and will there be additional submission opportunities?
John Urbahns - Greater Fort Wayne Inc.
If ARP funds are being used, is there a timeframe that funds must be expended similar to the local ARP funds that are being received by the communities?
John Karras
Given that Regional Cities was 100% project-based and READI encourages projects AND programs, is there a preferred split (such as 50/50%) for projects vs. programs?
Isaac Lee
As for projects or plans that are submitted, and based on the themes that have already been mentioned; will applications that provide projects and plans for talent attraction, growth of population, decreasing the average prime working age, or increasing the labor force participation be somewhat favored?
Isaac Lee
Thank you!
Kristi Sturtz
Should the plan align and have a direct connection to addressing issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as outlined in the ARPA?
Nancy T
Hi, Mark. Getting into the weeds here a little....will the READI funds be awarded and transferred to the region or be drawn down project by project? Or upon project completion.
Sarina Harig
Thank you all!
John Karras
The guidelines state a June 15 date to be finalized by the IEDC Board. How much change, if any, do you anticipate in the guidelines?
Will the recipient agreements work similarly to Regional Cities? What other obligations will be imposed upon the region with the grants.