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NIDS-CRAM Wave 5 Launch - Shared screen with speaker view
Nic Spaull
Good morning early-bird attendees! Great to have you…
Gabrie Jansen
Good morning all.
Nic Spaull
Morning everyone! We will be doing text-based-Q&A throughout the webinar so if you have any questions for any of the authors please click on the “Q&A” button at the bottom of your Zoom and type in your question. One of the authors will answer it. It’s best not to post them in the general chat but rather in the Zoom Q&A section. Thanks!
Nic Spaull
Morning everyone! We will be doing text-based-Q&A throughout the webinar so if you have any questions for any of the authors please click on the “Q&A” button at the bottom of your Zoom and type in your question. One of the authors will answer it. It’s best not to post them in the general chat but rather in the Zoom Q&A section. Thanks!
Anthony Joseph
Good morning All. Looking forward to a great interaction.
Mwangi Githahu
Morning. Will a recording of this webinar be available afterwards and when?
Guy Harris
Tragic that this happening on our watch and impacting our future employees, future customers and future neighbors! Guy Harris Cape Town Scaling Medium Enterprises and passionate about ECD and tvet entrepreneurship 0825598755 guyharrissa@gmail.com
Ihsaan Bassier
@Pali Lehohla and @Reza, I see this the QES that shows a 532,000 emp loss, or -5.4%. QES is a different sample, but perhaps that is a strength since it is a relatively independent source (I haven't looked much though into how QES methodology changed over pandemic). This emp loss seems consistent with QLFS, which is interesting and perhaps highlights that the NIDS sample does seem to be more prone to bounce-back (as we saw from the 2008 recession too). Ofc lots to learn from all sources, but worth keeping in mind.
Ihsaan Bassier
@Reza, that's a great point thanks! Would be great to investigate the impact of this for the QES estimates.
Ronelle Burger
@SusanGoldstein: I agree. Thanks for your comments and inputs
Ronelle Burger
Yes Piet the young people are far less likely to accept vaccine, the elderly far more likely
Beatrice Watermeyer
Agreed this has been amazing work! Thank you to the NIDS-CRAM team and the funders!
Merle Mansfield
Absolutely- the co-ordination and implementation has been impressive and would be a useful learning brief to develop in terms of mechanics and best practice. Thank you to everyone your work has been incredibly valuable.
Justin Visagie
@Neil. Yes, we include people who perceive themselves as living in an ‘informal settlement’ as well as those who were living in a shack on somebody else’s residence (i.e. backyarding - which is expanding at an exponential rate). Both are important segments in understanding our urban communities.
Tom Hamilton
The whole NIDS and CRAM teams have done utterly compelling and very valuable work. You and your funders can feel so proud. Lets hope this continues post the pandemic
Timothy Köhler
Congratulations and well done to everyone involved! It was a privilege to be involved.
Pippa Green
Well done. Really important findings and very well presented.
Eldridge Moses
Well done to all involved! Really impressive.
Daniela Casale
Thank you Sanna. As a NIDS-CRAM researcher, hearing the feedback from your team is very heartening!
Murray Leibbrandt
It is so wonderful and such a privilege to have the ex SG, Pali Lehohla, as an active participant with us today. He played a huge role in supporting the NIDS project from the outset as well as in ensuring an active mutual learning and capacity building relationship with StatsSA. It takes years and vision to build the capacity to respond to such a moment.
Nic Spaull
Pali, here is the paper comparing employment in NIDS-CRAM and QLFS - https://cramsurvey.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/1.-Spaull-N.-Daniels-R.-C-et-al.-2021-NIDS-CRAM-Wave-5-Synthesis-Report.pdf
Pippa Green
The journalist stories around Limpopo are that health workers have made a concerted effort to go door to door, as well as consulting with a range of leaders including traditional leaders. This seems to have made a difference.
Daniela Casale
@Pali - I think the point you are raising around employment is very important. There are big methodological differences between NIDS-CRAM and the QLFS that could affect the different jobs numbers. Daniels et al cover some of this in their paper. In addition to sampling issues, the reference period is key. NIDS-CRAM captures employment any time in a specific month; the QLFS in the previous 7 days. And because the QLFS interviews are over a 3-month quarter, the big shifts month-to-month that NIDS-CRAM captures are smoothed over by the QLFS 'averaging approach'. Having said that, NIDS-CRAM still finds that employment is down roughly 750 000 jobs in March 2021 compared to pre-Covid (for 18y+). But we shy away from using the absolute numbers because our margins of error are too large (and focus instead on the emp-to-pop ratios).
Susan Goldstein
Limpopo just shows what can be done with limited resources!
Nic Spaull
All papers are now up on the website here: https://cramsurvey.org/reports/#wave-5
Gabriel Espi-Sanchis
Thanks to everyone involved, it’s felt very meaningful to be a part of it, and great to get a reminder today of the respondents and interviewers who are the foundation of everything we’ve been doing
Barry Morkel
Strength of community based structures, social mobilisation and existing community infrastructure developed over time, essentially our of necessity and the resilience strategies developed over time_might be the reason for this outcome in Limpopo?
Cheryl-Lyn Selman
What an incredible achievement. Well done, well done, well done and thank you to everyone involved!
Martin Wittenberg
Thanks Nic, Reza, Tim, Kim and everyone for making this happen
Daniela Casale
I'm glad you twisted my arm Nic! Loved being a part of this. Congratulations to you and Reza and all the others
Merle Mansfield
Congratulations Nic and team
Ronelle Burger
Data also lifesaver for PhD students who cannot do fieldwork!
Gabrie Jansen
Dear Mr Pali Lehohla, how can I contact you?
Judy Tate
Amazing congratulations everyone!
Gabrielle Wills
Thank you everyone. A great experience.
Barry Morkel
Thanks to all involved with this wonderful project.