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Missionary Ridge Staff Town Hall - Middle/High - Shared screen with speaker view
Debbie Donohoo
Hello ERMS !!!
Katelyn Frederick
Hey Mrs. Donohoo!
Mitzi Delker
Hello everyone.
Jenny Pickard
Please enter any questions that you may have in the chat box and they will be answered after the presentation.
Julie Smith
How will the curriculum requirements of Advanced Placement courses be addressed through HCS at Home? At many schools there is only one AP teacher per subject, so will those teachers have blocks of in person students as well as blocks of online students?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
If a student is in the Future Ready program can they do HCS at home?
Mary Christa Jaramillo
How will magnet and open enrollment schools, who have kids from many different neighborhoods (some of whom might live in current hotspots), deal with the likelihood of causing community spread from asymptomatic carriers in areas that aren’t currently experiencing it?
amy ball
Will schools be stocked with PPE, specifically, masks (given students may not bring, misplace or soil their own masks)?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
If a family is moving from one school zone to another, can they go ahead and sign up for HCS at home?
Mary Christa Jaramillo
How will you work with teacher-parents who want to limit exposure and do not want their children to go to SACC during a partial schedule?
Maghen Mulieri
How are we going to put distance between our students in an overcrowded school?  What happens if a teacher gets sick with Covid-19? Do we have to use our sick leave?If my child gets sick can they do virtual work until they are better?When we are using the hybrid learning model will there be priority daycare through SACC for teachers who have to work all week while their own children may only be in school 2 days a week?  What type of cleaning supplies will be provided to teachers?  
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
News reports have shown that Chattanooga is a hot spot and that our numbers are currently peaking. Is this being considered?
Debbie Donohoo
and over crowded buses
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
Are individual zip codes being looked at regarding the percent of active cases/total residents? Some areas have been MUCH harder hit than others.
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
How will teachers' classes be covered if they have to quarantine for 14 days or are sick for 14 days or more?
Julie Smith
Prior to the pandemic, custodial staffs were struggling to maintain basic cleanliness in schools. How does the district plan to address the sanitation requirements of classrooms and buildings as we move forward - including making sure that schools have adequate supplies of soap, paper towels, disinfecting wipes/spray, masks, and toilet paper?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
How can we monitor hand washing? We don't go in the bathrooms with the kids.
amy ball
how will teacher duty schedules/duty-free lunch be effected?
Steven Cantrell
The TN mandate for wearing masks states children under 12 do not have to wear them, how will this play a role in our schools?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
Research is coming out about the virus being airborne. Is this being considered for schools that have shared ventilation? What about schools where the classroom windows do not open?
Mary Christa Jaramillo
If teachers cannot get within 6 feet of students, we cannot work in small groups with them. If students cannot be within 6 feet of one another, they cannot really socialize. What are the benefits of returning physically to school under these circumstances, other than providing meals and childcare?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
Airborne article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/04/health/239-experts-with-one-big-claim-the-coronavirus-is-airborne.html
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
What is the actual number of active cases that will push us to Phase 2?
amy ball
What consequences are there for students who do not comply with mask protocol? Is there county guidance or this a building level decision?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
Will teachers be taking leave without pay if they become sick and must be out for longer than they have sick days?
Lori Spencer
Is the increase/decrease in cases being taken into account? As stated earlier, Hamilton County has been identified as a "hotspot" and I would not be surprised if we see a spike in cases in the next 2 weeks as the result of events this past weekend. So even if the number of active cases still dictates Phase 3, what if that number is a 100% increase from the previous day, indicating a spike? Is that being considered?
Rosa Heintz
What happens when a student or a teacher is exposed to COVID19? and What happens when a student or teacher tests positive for COVID19? (protocols)
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
What if we don't have the space to socially distance in our rooms?
Mary Christa Jaramillo
What if my child’s teacher or classmate tests positive? How will my quarantining be handled?
Jennifer Bronson
@Jenny Castillo:
Jennifer Bronson
Active cases are at 927 today, cases would need to be closer to 1,500 for us to consider a Phase 2 transition.
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
Regina Bone
If students opt to HCS Home, will those students be able to participate in clubs, sports, and other extra-curricula?
Andrea Short
Does the new Edgenuity Suite purchase include electives?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
What if families cannot afford masks for all of their children?
Debbie Donohoo
Our bank gives out masks at the door for free
Steven Cantrell
If a student or staff member cannot wear a masks for health reasons, do they need to provide proof from a doctor?
Rosa Heintz
Do teachers have an option for teaching remotely if they are not in the age group or don't have a health impairment?
Kelly Owen
If a student enrolls with HCS at Home will they be taught by teachers at their home school?
Jenny Pickard
This is Angela Clark, Outreach Facilitator for Missionary Ridge. I am sitting in for Jenny Pickard for this meeting. We have a number of questions before us today. If your question does not get addressed, please enter it in this question/feedback form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAw2ERjX4i2fVfGugX1akeVZjmRkNS_ZAQcsGIeZOluh2NHQ/viewform I will post this form again towards the end of the meeting.
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
Based on the current infection rate (about 64 people per day in the county), it would only take about 10 more days for us to reach 1500 infected in the county. Is this being considered, especially after the 4th celebration?
Racheal De'Friese
please keep in mind that if there isn't enough subs, then the class is split.... more students in the room makes it harder for social distancing....
Jennifer Bronson
@Jenny, active cases are those that have tested positive minus those that have recovered. So, yes as people continue to test positive they would be added to the total number of active cases, but over that same time period some of those cases would recover and be eliminated from that active case number. Does that make sense?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
@Jennifer Bronson, yes that makes sense. Thanks.
Breckan Duckworth
Some questions about HCS at Home may already be answered on our website. This website will be updated with more information by this evening (we are adding a brochure with schedule): hcde.org/hcsathome
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
What about subs working at different schools? Can subs work at another school if they worked in a school that had an active case the day before?
Faye Wilcox
Many subject areas like world languages are very hard to find subs for. I do not think I have ever had a sub that speaks the language I teach. I am very worried that if I had to be out for 14 days learning will cease in my classes. German, French and Chinese are hard to fill.
Mary Christa Jaramillo
How will meal supervisors be kept safe when students all have their masks off to eat?
Steven Cantrell
How can students eat in the classrooms if teachers are required to receive uninterrupted lunches?
Faye Wilcox
Teachers are very concerned about having duty free lunchtime.
Mary Christa Jaramillo
How will the classrooms be sanitized after lunch and before the next class to reduce droplets on surfaces?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
If this question was already asked, I apologize - but what about teachers who have high risk children at home? (like my step daughter who is 7 and has Downs Syndrome?) Are those teachers going to be able to work from home?
Julie Smith
Does the district plan on asking the state to waive testing requirements for this school year? Also, what about teacher evaluations - how will those be addressed this year?
Jenny & Horacio Castillo
Does "recovered" mean no longer infectious?
Emily Jones
What about students that have parents that will not make their child do their online work on a daily basis? How will that be dealt with?
Christy Drake
In regards to Phase 2&3, what about learning communities that have higher than others such as 37407, 37412, 37421?
Steven Cantrell
If you don't get approved for the short term disability? Will teachers be forced to use their sick days? If so, what happens if they run out of sick days and are still ill?
John Echols
What about schools that don't have nurses?
Debbie Donohoo
John Echols
Is Class Link replacing Canvas?
Debbie Donohoo
Real cute masks at Five Below for $3/each
Jean Pahl
Mary Christa Jaramillo
The CDC recommends 6 feet AND masks indoors - are we only employing one or the other in school?
Jim David
@John Echols- ClassLink helps with single sign-in for multiple programs (websites). Think of it as- if a student logs into their Chromebook then they don’t need to login to each and every site connected under ClassLink.
Steven Cantrell
Will parents be informed that they must provide ppe for their students, and if they either cannot or do not want their students wearing ppe, that online school is their best option?
Mary Christa Jaramillo
How often will teachers and students be tested? Will it be in school, or will we have to take time off or our personal time to be tested?
Danielle Hooper
If we go between phases and out of the building, how does that affect service times for ex ed students
Shawnte Bacher
What are some details of what would qualify someone to have their Short-term disability approved?
Jenny Pickard
Reposting the Townhall Question/Feedback form for all questions and concerns that do not get addressed here today. Thank you so much for your participation. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAw2ERjX4i2fVfGugX1akeVZjmRkNS_ZAQcsGIeZOluh2NHQ/viewform
John Echols
Will we be taking temperatures?
Elizabeth Wilson
How many students are allowed per gen ed class? Is there a limit on how many students allowed in small groups? (for Ex Ed)
Mary Christa Jaramillo
Follow up question - what is the reasoning behind having no intent to test teachers and students? That sounds more like a reactive response, rather than proactive?
Faye Wilcox
Thank you all !
Rosa Heintz
Thank you for the detailed responses to questions.
Mitzi Delker
Thank you!
Steven Cantrell
Just want to say thank you to every one for working hard to try and make the best approach possible
John Echols
Huge thanks to the Task Force!
Ashley Cox
Thank you all!
Amanda Frizzell
Thank you Task Force!
Kelly Owen
Thank you for all your hard work!
Mary Christa Jaramillo
Thank you all.
Jason Vance
Thank you, so much, for joining us today. I appreciate your work to support our students and Hamilton County community as a whole. Please know we will work to support you during these trying times. Your work to support our
Laura Hamilton
Thank you for taking the time to respond thoughtfully to all of the questions.
John Echols
Thanks to Dr. Vance for his positive energy and detailed answers.
amy ball
thank you
israel bobe
great meeting
Ashleigh Pipes
Thank you for this opportunity to listen and ask questions!
Deborah Garrett
Thank you, Dr. Vance, and the Task Force.
Candace Robinson
Thank you!