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Rounds 2021-2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah McDonald
Ottawa’s MFM used to have an integrated perinatal psychologist
Val Mueller (she/her)
Interesting Sarah....maybe if there is time in the discussion period you could provide a brief description of how they worked with the group?
Queen's has a Perinatal Mental Health Service staffed by Clin Psych grad students supervised by a psychologist: https://www.queensu.ca/psychology/psychology-clinic/services/perinatal-mental-health-service
Yes. - but for patients not US !
Giuliana Guarna
thoughts from resident perspective: people generally know how to take care of themselves, they need the time and space to do so. The normalization of no dedicated breaks in work is a huge problem for increasing burnout. Additionally, the “extra” requirements outside of work hours - modules, journal clubs, research, etc all contribute to the heaviness. Not rounding at 0600 would certainly also help
Benicio Frey (he/him)
Thoughts from a different Department: Levels of stress and burnout are high across the board. In agreement with Dr. Guarna’s comment above, the Faculty corner conversations were that “we all know yoga and mindfulness are helpful to reduce stress and, individually, we all know what works better for each of us. Over a year into the pandemic and rising levels of staff burnout, we were tired of receiving yet another link to engage in this amazing mindfulness link during our precious lunch break (on the few days that we actually had a lunch break). We needed organization changes to reduce staff burnout, not another link”. That was the sentiment.
Thank you B! This is exactly what I think Kristen will suggest now 🙂
I might have missed it but is the idea that reflection rounds are for staff rather than learners? (I think that could be super valuable!! just clarifying)
Saad Syed
Thank you for the nice talk! What is the distinction between burnout and depression? In addition to environmental/lifestyle/psychological therapy as you’ve suggested, is there a threshold where individuals should be seeing their family physicians for their symptoms?
Susan Ellis’s iPhone
Organizationally SJHH does Schwartz rounds - I believe quarterly -