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All Hands October Mtg - Shared screen with speaker view
Linda with Global Co Lab Network
This Sat 1 pm All Hands Mtg with VR/Metaverse skills focus:  Join us!  Agenda below:  1PM - Welcome* Staff update - Sammie is our new Marketing Intern!* New teens - Rajan, Tanishka, Efekan & Siddhaarth (completed new teen orientation) - others?* Working to recruit more teens and mentors1:05PM - Co Lab Updates* Changemaker Celebration Recap* Teen Feedback?* Newsletter - see link: https://mailchi.mp/globalcolab/co-lab-news-fall-celebration-recap-video-competition?e=09b50c504c* Teen Orientations - share sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfh2mG6RhodsTj856UtcEQxLSz3aStz2jSfSliOCK8g9RbVIQ/viewform** Updating websites with Dave (still in progress)* Video competition is now OPEN - https://teensdreamcolab.org/* Encourage teens to share the news in blogs
Linda with Global Co Lab Network
Linda with Global Co Lab Network
** Partner Updates* EcoAction Arlington - big focus on reaching out to Arlington Public Schools - email me if you can help lstaheli@globalcolab.net** IKEA Halloween Drive Thru - Oct. 31st 3-6PM at IKEA College Park; Linda can pick teens up around 2:00 at metro* Who can participate? Everyone! Ryan, Sean, Allen, others? Working on one pager with Carolina and others* Trashion show costumes?** Smithsonian https://ssec.si.edu/* Science for SDGs: https://ssec.si.edu/global-goals* ATLAS https://ssec.si.edu/atlas* Potential Environmental Justice Guide collaboration** Teen Advice Webinar - mental health update - will hear from mental health Hub; focus again on this in November!** Updated Forms** Mentor Release Form: https://forms.gle/rT1hmhTPBK3kgArTA** Mentee Release Form: https://forms.gle/4FsQ1znw8Xdamaha8
Aakash Palathra
Here's a link to our EMI Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14AqAwKpJw1YJlPB31b-aESKASIXH7LaBbC_Jwro443Y/edit?usp=sharing
Aakash Palathra
Kirstin Riesbeck
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Linda with Global Co Lab Network
1:20PM - Hub Updates1:30 - Skills Training* 1:30 pm Skills Training at All Hands on VR/SDG Metaverse Prize** Welcome and what is this? Introduce Erdem, Ranye and Tanishka** 1:35 SDG MVR Prize - go over one pagerShare our VR room: https://hubs.mozilla.com/7cUA8ux/main-room/1:40 Ask Erdem to speak about why VR is important for careers and what he is teachingAsk Ranye and Taniksha are going to talk about their team submission/ with Hunger HubAsk teens to share what they might be thinkingWildlifeRanye and TanishkaLinda and older adultsMental HealthDevelop a game plan for submission to SDG Metaverse PrizeAll teens decide if they want to participate - voluntaryIndividually register on the site - do todayThen they register as a team - lets do by early Nov at latest?1:50 Go into the VR rooms - https://hubs.mozilla.com/7cUA8ux/main-room/*** 2:00 pm adjourn
Erdem Murat
Metaverse Prize Link:sdgmetaverseprize.org
Linda with Global Co Lab Network
Christi Anthony
I need to step off -- have fun in the Metaverse!
Linda with Global Co Lab Network
Aoife O'Mahony
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