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Critical Conversations Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
June Read
Sorry my audio is not working will log out and in again.
Kristen Dion (she) | Persephone
ᒥᓵᐢᑲᐧᑑᒥᓂᕁ : misâskwatôminihk: SaskatoonWe wish to acknowledge that Persephone Theatre is on Treaty 6 land, which includes the Nêhiyawak (Cree) as original signatories and became the traditional homeland of the Métis Nation. We also acknowledge the contributions of the Dakota and Round Prairie Métis peoples in establishing our city of Saskatoon and we extend our appreciation for the opportunity to live, create and perform on this beautiful territory.From Kristen Dion - she/her, Persephone Theatre
Patti Pon
Oki! Honoured to be joining from Mohkinstsis/Calgary
All our hired people at our organization are contracted - therefore is it correct - we cannot apply to all these programs?
Lisa (she/her)
who do we provide feedback to specifically? both organizations that I represent do not qualify because neither pays rent, and I am a contractor. However, both suffered losses of 50%+ in revenue
Lisa (she/her)
would ticket matching cover non-profits who rent venues. That is the loss is experienced by the non-profit, not the venue specifically who we have paid via rental agreement?
Lisa (she/her)
Can you put the Calgary provincial and federal contacts in chat?
Ticket matching - our organization has taken a great hit in ticket sales pre-covid. Will they be looking at the comparison pre-covid to during covid in ticket sales? This would be beneficial.
Emily Nachtigall (she/her), Calgary Foundation
Hello all! Friendly reminder to please use the Question & Answer feature for questions so they don't get buried in the chat. Thank you!
Tara Mazurk, Global Public Affairs (she/her)
@mpdowntownartsstudio, you are correct that the Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program and the Hardest Hit program would not cover contract workers. However, additional recovery funding through Canadian Heritage, Canada Council, and projects through the Tourism Relief Fund may cover contract workers.
Tara Mazurk, Global Public Affairs (she/her)
Lisa, I would encourage you to see if you are eligible for the Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit. In addition, the Government is currently developing an Employment Insurance program for self-employed workers (but that will not be online until early-2023 at the earliest).
Tara Mazurk, Global Public Affairs (she/her)
Yes, ticket matching will likely compare pre-covid sales to shows that are being planned/announced throughout COVID. The program is still early stages of design. However, we are hearing that the pre-covid comparison is not so easy, especially for arts organizations that do not have regular seasons. Any feedback on what you would like to see in Ticket Matching or other recovery programs is welcome!
Lisa (she/her)
@Tara I'm not worried about me. I'm fine financially but both non-profits that I work for are suffering. Each has had to cancel annual shows so they are on 2+ years of no ticket sales which o50 -60% of their revenue
Tara Mazurk, Global Public Affairs (she/her)
Lisa, if I'm correct in understanding, the nonprofits you work for only hire contract workers and they do not own nor rent a business venue? Instead, they rent other venues per performance, etc.?
Lisa (she/her)
correct... so Nonproofit A has volunteer performers, I am one of 2 contract workers. When the volunteers perform, they rent a stage, and revenue is earned through ticket sales. They do access operating grants, but the revenue through ticket sales is easily 50 - 60% of their their income
Lisa (she/her)
income = operating budget
Tara Mazurk, Global Public Affairs (she/her)
Lisa, this is a huge gap in government support. The biggest support would be through additional sector-specific programs like Tourism Relief, Canada Council and Canadian Heritage. The Ticket Matching program holds promise. I will message you privately in case you want to carry forward the conversation and what can be done.
Lisa (she/her)
That would be great you can email me at president@kantorei.ca
Lisa (she/her)
@Johanne :-( and huge kudos for keeping everyone safe
Tara Mazurk, Global Public Affairs (she/her)
To answer an earlier question, the government political contacts to follow are:- Minister Pablo Rodriguez, Minister for Canadian Heritage- Minister Randy Boissonnault, Minister for Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance. MP For Edmonton Centre- MP George Chahal, Liberal MP for Calgary Skyview
Tara Mazurk, Global Public Affairs (she/her)
Johanne, I hear you! The lockdown restrictions are not the only reality as to why organizations and artists need support.Signing off from Global Public Affairs, and we are happy to continue to answer questions about the Federal Government. Just message me at tmazurk@globalpublic.com. Thank you everyone!
Calgary Folk Music Festival
Go ahead Franca! Spread the Block Heater word! 🙂
Patricia Edwards
I am appreciating hearing all of these points of view and all the hard work that people have put in navigating our changing landscape. I would be interested in hearing from some of the event planners and organizations about supporting freelance and gigging artists and musicians who are having to deal with last minute cancellations and dates that are being re-scheduled, sometimes multiple times. Thank you again for holding this event. -Tricia Edwards
June Read
Did your hotel association administer testing as part of the service.
Sol Zia - Calgary Hotel Association
Testing services, at all touch-points can be coordinated (and was/is)
Lisa (she/her)
That's hard. My apologies
Lisa (she/her)
My experience has been that choirs have especially suffered and are a niche art form that have largely been excluded in both supports. Yet, because of spread events they are correctly cancelling repeated programs.But the members and the finances are suffering terribly.
Calgary Folk Music Festival
Thank you all! Lots of great information. We are going to get to the other side of this thing. Hopefully sooner than later. - Sara
Cherie McMaster- RISE UP Calgary
thanks everyone. great conversations! take care…
Linda Ford (she/her)
Thanks everyone - great info!
Lisa (she/her)
Franca Gualtieri - Chinook Blast ~ Tourism Calgary
Thank you
Thank you.