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Drawing the Lines for Critical Care: Does Your Patient Need an ICU? - Shared screen with speaker view
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Thank you for joining us today. We will be shortly.
Darlene Tad-y
Welcome all! Please feel free to drop questions and comments into the chat for our speakers
Darlene Tad-y
Which risk calculators would you consider using for this patient population?
Kevin Weber
1)Can you briefly discuss the role of streoids?, 2) The WHO just recommended against Remdesivir stating it was not effective. Do you still use it? 3) Do you recommend aspirin in convalescence?
Ken Lyn-Kew
Excellent questions Kevin! We’ll discuss when we get to therapeutics
CHA Education
Feel free to drop questions into the chat anytime during the session.
Darlene Tad-y
The SOLIDARITY trial (the one by The Who) has been questioned for its methodology (no placebo, not double blinded, no diagnostic confirmation of infection) despite its large sample size
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Darlene Tad-y
Could you actually go back to the De-escalation slide? The slide before the best sources of truth
Darlene Tad-y
Today’s session has been recorded and can be found here: https://cha.com/covid-19/ Our next session is on Monday and will cover Emergent Care of COVID-19 patients.