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Webinar #2: IT infrastructure, Cybersecurity, R&D, Innovations, Competitiveness, Project Pipeline (100% virtual) - Shared screen with gallery view
Maury Dobbie-Collaboratory
Welcome everyone to our second of three webinars! Please go to the webinar web page to read speaker bios and watch the recorded webinar after we conclude. https://cercsymposium.org/transformations-energy-infrastructure-emobility-conference/
Maury Dobbie-Collaboratory
Our moderator, Ms. Alice Jackson welcomes your questions. Please type them into the Q&A area and she will try to get to as many as possible.
Maury Dobbie-Collaboratory
Does anyone have questions for our speakers and moderator? We welcome them!
Craig Partridge
Alice asked about the Internet Hall of Fame. Pointer to my page — as you can see, it is not like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame :-). https://www.internethalloffame.org/inductees/craig-partridge
Maury Dobbie-Collaboratory
Please type in your questions for our panel "Transformation in Financing of R&D, Innovations & Project Pipeline". Our moderator, Monika Beecher, would love to ask our speakers to respond.
Angie Freeman
To Georgi : What mechanism/programs do bank have to finance innovative technologies that are new to the banks and have not been previously financed by them and therefore are not known from technology perspective and may be considered risky?
Angie Freeman
Are hydrogen based technologies considered as of area of interest to finance in CEE?
Ian Lange
Quickly, my sense is publicly trading oil and gas companies are very excited about hydrogen
Ian Lange
The skills needed to make that successful are complementary to their current skills