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Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor - Lessons learned From United Kingdom Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS) – Focus on COVID-19 and pregnancy - Shared screen with speaker view
Jon Barrett
Thank you Val for taking over - UK does this in 194 hospitals ! - Can McMaster lead Canada and do this in the 10 hospitals in our Region? - I KNOW WE CAN! Don’t forget the Cannel Lecture on Friday everyone . Have a safe day. JB
Deb Sloboda
Why do you think that pregnant women and ppl are so much more hesitant to listen to their healthcare providers in term of getting vaccinated? Are there data around this? Has anyone done a qualitative study asking pregnant indivi
Rohan D'Souza (he/him/his)
Thank you!
Ann Sprague
If anyone is interested in vaccination rates among pregnant individuals in Ontario - the latest report is here: https://www.bornontario.ca/en/whats-happening/resources/Documents/BORN-COVID-19-Vaccination-during-pregnancy-in-Ontario_Report3.pdf
Christine Bloch
Is Monday's talk recorded to listen to now?
Deb Sloboda
thank you.
Stephen Lapinsky
Great talk! What process is available to change the underlying theme of NOT treating pregnant women differently?
Jennifer Blake
Thank you for this excellent lecture. Do you have any thoughts on the disproportionate impact of COVID on those from BAME groups? is it a matter of work place exposures, delays in care, concurrent illnesses or conditions? Is the recent positive trend due solely to awareness of risk?
Dept of Obs & Gyn
For those that asked about the recording from Monday: Topic: Hooker Lectureship - Maternal Morbidity and Mortality: A Canadian UpdateStart Time: Nov 22, 2021 05:41 PMMeeting Recording:https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/pMd7aRFVBtU7khZAHYS8j8nsZAMfReGX6FZ4cdQuK2fN8lu6kJs2wkuAKovNVPE5.7zyHtn1H1lbkLEHm
Dept of Obs & Gyn
if anyone would like the recording from yesterday or this morning (or the remainder of the week) - please reach out to Katie Naccarato (naccak1@mcmaster.ca)
Rohan D'Souza (he/him/his)
@DebSloboda, there’s a lot of work being done on understanding why pregnant persons are more hesitant to listen to healthcare providers - these issues range from the lack of direct evidence from trials, concern about long-term effects on the child and future fertility, the perception that young people are not at increased risk, issues surrounding Epistemic Trust, conflicting data/ misinformation/ disinformation that spreads more rapidly, lack of consistent and continued information from HCPs
Jennifer Blake
thank you!
Jocelynn Cook
THANK YOU Marian - we are aspiring to be like UKOSS!
Bronte Johnston
Thank you so much!