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EVolution - Shared screen with speaker view
Orelle Feher
Orelle Feher - Electric Cars Plan to listen mostly. Part of NP CAC- and others
James O'Dowd
Jim O'Dowd New Paltz activist
Dave Conover
Here’s a link to the Clean Power Guide https://sustainhv.org/programs/marketplace-empowerment/clean-power-guide/
Nicole Vihlen
Nicole Vihlen, EV enthusiast and Marketing Manager at Blink Charging! Love the Leaf, but excited for the Ariya too!
Andrew Willner
What about 4 x 4's for our snowy climate, and ability to tow a small trailer?
David Chernack
Most of the EV crossovers such as Ford Mustang Mach-E, Volkswagen ID.4, and Tesla Model Y are available with AWD. Tow ratings are usually comparable to ICE vehicles of similar size and horsepower/torque, but towing severely hurts range on EVs.
Tom Konrad
Other available 4WDs at $40k or less are Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Ford Escape PHEV and the Toyota RAV4 Prime.
Brandon Jacobs
Are chargers are all fully networked
Tom Konrad
Some towns do not like networked chargers. The annual fee can be problematic. New Paltz is shifting away from paying networking fees and instead are just using parking meters.
Tom Konrad
Locations with less usage are also not appropriate for networked chargers because the usage does not usually pay for the networking fee. Also you need good cell reception for networked chargers.
Melissa Everett
Tom, what’s involved in using the parking meters that way?
Brandon Jacobs
Blink also offers business models that do not include any annual fees
Tom Konrad
Parking meters: just charge people for occupying the charging spaces with their car. This also has the advantage of getting people to move when they are not charging and keeping ICE vehicles from blocking the spot.
Tom Konrad
@Brandon - I'm interested in talking to you about your no annual fee option. We're going to be installing chargers in the next few months. tomkonrad@gmail.com
Brandon Jacobs
Thanks, Tom. I'll send you an email. Here's my email address if anyone else would like to discuss offline -- BJacobs@BlinkCharging.com
Melissa Everett
There is also Make Ready program for site preparation
Vernon Benjamin
From Vernon: If the cost of electricity is $624 and the cost to the customer for charging is $1/hr—why is the cost of electricity so high? Or is it?
Joe Montuori
Does anyone know of any public libraries with an EV charger? I’d like to discuss on behalf of Mahopac Public Library. Thank you.
Lidia Henderson
Hi again! The EV data collection project that Melissa mentioned is called EV WATTS (Electric Vehicle Wide-scale Analysis for Tomorrow's Transportation Solutions). Empire Clean Cities is working with Energetics and Department of Energy to collect and analyze EV performance across the country by partnering with fleets, charging infrastructure operators, and individual EV owners (hopefully like you!). The collected data will contribute to a nationwide, anonymized database of electric vehicle information to grow and improve EV programs for all.Participation is simple- and free! Professionals will install a telematics device in your vehicle that will collect anonymized data on charging and driving patterns. As a participant, you will receive a personalized package outlining your vehicle’s charging and driving patterns.Please email me (lidia@empirecleancities.org) with any questions, or visit bit.ly/eccevsurvey for more information on the project and information on how to join.
Nicole Vihlen
Great reference page to see how NYSERDA and Make Ready rebate programs can be stacked to install EV chargers for free: https://blinkcharging.com/electrifyny/
Tom Konrad
Make sure to sign your chargers up for community solar, and pay 10% less for electricity.
Vivian Beatrice
Any suggestions for where/ what to look for buy a used EV
Anthony Panarella
When buying pre-owned EV, be mindful of remaining battery life based on age of vehicle..... Ask for battery-life print out !
David Chernack
EVs have wildly variable residual values, Teslas hold their value extremely well on the used market but most other makes and models do not. Most dealerships are not as well trained regarding EVs compared to New Rochelle Nissan. The best you can do is know your stuff and know your specs, and you can find some real deals. Make sure you look up model-specific rates of battery capacity degradation. Check out the VW eGolf, it is the best used EV bargain in my opinion.
Joe Montuori
Thank you!
Nicole Vihlen
Thank you for organizing this great session, Melissa!
Ben Eckstein
Thanks to everyone participating in the chat!
Andrew Willner
Thank you for organizing these informative meetings
Cheryl Alloway
Thank you for putting this together. I had to step out for a few minutes. Looking forward to catching up on what you send out. We'll gonna try to make this happen at Reformed Church in NP.
Lidia Henderson
Thanks everyone!
Ben Eckstein
Bye all!