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Civic Affairs - California's Water Crisis - Shared screen with speaker view
Lynn Pauline
Shawn Filardi
Recording are available in the Chamber newsletter and from the homepage of the Chamber website
Linda Vesneski - Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
Having lived in Australia for two years, they have many things in place to recycle water that the US should look at. :)
Ed Del Beccaro
what is the status of the Antioch Desalination plant ? will it be a co-gerneration power plant? what is holding up other such desalination plants?
Cindy Darling
Is CCWD working with Central San to bring recycled water to Walnut Creek?
jay hoyer
In years past during drought conditions we all conserved water and rates went up because the agencies needed revenues from water sales. Would you expect a similar rate increases?
Gary Darling
Everyone is invited to attend 2 upcoming Water and Environment Task Force meetings sponsored by the East Bay Leadership Council. Next Tuesday (Sept 21) we will have the General Managers from CCWD, EBMUD and Zone 7 lay out their 10 plus year vision for their agencies. On October 18 we will have the Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, Joaquin Esquivel, focused on the larger CA water supply, water right curtailments, etc. See the EBLC website for more information.
Bob Linscheid
Thanks Gary
Margot Stanford F&M Bank
I need to disconnect early for another meeting at 10. Great presentation!Thank you to our presenters and to Matt for moderating.
Ron Hermanson
Sincere thanks to our distinguished presenters and their respective organizations for this community forum this morning! The Civic Affairs Steering Community is always looking for ideas and suggestions on future topics and presenters. Please contact the Chamber at chamber@walnut-creek.com or myself at rhermanson@cruiseholidays.com.
Thank you Ernie and John for the presentation, and Matt for your organization. Great presentation.
Don Wexler
Good info...thank you.
Steve Reiser
Great presentation. Thank you!