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Cliff Goodman's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Dave Myers
Dave Myers, Diversified Focus Group, davchmyers@gmail.com. I too need to leave early to go to an interview.
Jac Filer
Membership Committeelinkedin.com/in/jacfilerJacFiler@gmail.com
John DAmato
question…..what is i know someone at the firm the recruiter is submitting my name, do i share that with the recruiter after my resume goes in?
Janine Marlatt
re the 10 minute and 30 minute questions different from a recruiter than company HR?
Iris Florea
What does it mean, when there is a note in LinkedIn that the recruiter is actively interviewing. Does it make sense to still apply?
Neil E. Weissman
This has been great. Thanks Ed, and all. I need to drop off for an 11 AM call. Looking forward to connecting with you and the next meeting. Regards,
Judith Roberts
What should you expect if a Recruiter contacts you on LinkedIn about a position and wants to set up a 15 minute call to discuss?
Iris Florea
If I applied to lots of the local companies, on jobs posted on their career website, may I apply with a recruiter for a new position?
Iris Florea
Do I need to let some time pass, before looking
Thiep Pham
Ed: Thank you for your presentation. Ed & Tom: Thank you for facilitating the event. Everyone: Glad to seeing you. Best wishes with your job search and Happy Holidays. Sorry, but I have a meeting in a couple of minutes.
Tess Bockes
Awesome presentation Ed! Really appreciate it. I would really like to have a copy of the deck! Thank you!
Leslie Powell
Hi, yes, please send me a copy of this ppt. Your presentation is very helpful : ) LPowellHR@gmail.com
Janine Marlatt
This presentation is so good Ed! I wish I would have had this presentation a month or two ago... prevention worth an ounce of cure... Thanks so much!
Lawrence Vann
Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend.