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Forest-to-Cities: Grow Sector Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Nancy Patch
Nancy Patch, VT FPR County Forester
Scott Sacco
Scott Sacco, Environs Strategies, LLC
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson, Northeast Region Coordinator, Forest Stewards Guild
Kenneth Laustsen
Retired ME Forester, work with the Local Wood Works organization
Scott McCue
Scott McCue, volunteer with NEFF
Wilhelm Merck
Wil Merck, former NEFF board.
Michael Ferrucci
Mike Ferrucci, Chair Working Group on Forest Management and Climate Change, Yankee SAF
Charles Levesque
Charlie Levesque, President of Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC
Matthew Tonello
Is the proposal to ship the New England Wood to a manufacturer outside of New England?
Charles Levesque
Jennifer - If NEFF wants to document the carbon associated with the NEFA eastern hemlock Placetailor Boston building project, we need to connect ASAP.
Russell Edgar
FYI...Just today we're submitting final results of qualification testing conducted here that will create two new grades of CLT in PRG-320 using MSR SPF-S lumber from New England (two mills in Maine sent the lumber to SmartLam where it was produced and returned to Maine for testing).. It'll have among the highest values of all North American CLT making it competitive from an engineering perspective.
Ricky McLain
Also important to keep in mind that mass timber comes in many shapes, forms and products. For smaller demonstration buildings, NLT panels produced very locally might be a very good solution
Charles Levesque
A reminder that we have been working on getting people to accept forestry for the last 100 years. Not an easy thing to do - especially with no resources...
Michael Ferrucci
Yankee SAF has an active outreach program towards public audiences and key stakeholders. Most of the work is focused in Connecticut. An expansion is welcome. Already working with NEFF, and relying on NEFF for amazing support.
Russell Edgar
Russell Edgar
On the same website there is an LCA report that was done on the proposed CLT addition to the UMaine Composites Center. If you click on the links of the report cover pages you can download these documents.
Scott Sacco
A consortium of representatives from the forestry, architecture and engineering programs of all of the land grant universities in New England might be a way of catalyzing interest and support for MassTimber in the region.
Michael Ferrucci
Charlie is correct; communicating the benefits of active forest management is very challenging
Alec Giffen
agree with Scot
Alec Giffen
Psychologists and some economists argue that most decisions are based on emotion
Nancy Patch
not just resources but partners. Foresters are not always the most trusted sector
Michael Ferrucci
I agree with Nancy. To be effective we need partners who might be better trusted than foresters.
Ray Lyons
What project in Boston?
Charles Levesque
Placetailor building - Hampden Building
Wilhelm Merck
There is a publication that specializes in getting hard science into digestible, non-expert language called The Conversation.
Charles Levesque
Frank Lowenstein
@Nancy and @Michael-- a few years back I did some focus group work on most trusted messengers. Foresters were pretty well trusted, though not as well as park rangers.
Ricky McLain
As Jen mentioned, we’ve been building out business case studies, looking at the financial feasibility of mass timber buildings: https://www.woodworks.org/mass-timber-business-case-studies/
Charles Levesque
Nancy and Mike - agreed that foresters may not be the right spokespeople but we never have enough resources to do this kind of outreach. We need $ millions (with the right spokespeople) to make a dent...
Nancy Patch
Architects and designers are the interface with the clients, so partnering with those folks and bringing this message there seems the most efficient
Michael Ferrucci
To Charlie's point, perhaps the resources should mostly go to communicating with decision-makers, not the general public. Resources would go further.
Charles Levesque
Nancy Patch
In addition we can work with landowners (small, private) and tap into an altruistic desire to affect climate change and not rely only on FSC or carbon offsets. FSC is still a barrier to small landowners
Michael Ferrucci
Agree with Charlie on landscape scale. With increasing volumes and higher growth to harvest, as well as aging stands, we are seeing rapid increases in volumes lost to mortality.
Michael Ferrucci
I just received paper with a scientific analysis of "Proforestation" by NCASI. Connor I sent it to you; can you circulate it to this group?
John Scanlon
Not only does southern New England grow a lot more wood than it harvests, but a lot of tree mortality occurs in southern New England. Can we potentially use this as a talking point with the large segment of the general public that does not like the idea of cutting trees? Trees are dying anyway, so why not use local trees to build climate-friendly housing while supporting local jobs?
Charles Levesque
Michael Ferrucci
This was the best hour I have spent on forestry issues in a long time. Well run. Great to hear from so many accomplished leaders in our field and related topics. Thank you NEFF
Ray Lyons
Pl recognize alec
Nancy Patch
Communications with key partners needs to have an action option. Where do the builders get the product?
Michael Ferrucci
Add the scientific to the communications.
Nancy Patch
I have had great success in empowering small landowners to think about active management as a means of climate change resilience. This is something they can do about climate change.
Michael Ferrucci
I like the idea of pre-planning the communications strategy while nailing down the science.
Madeline Baroli
I appreciate WoodWorks communications resources: https://www.woodworks.org/publications-media/
Michael Ferrucci
Nancy, I'd like to learn more about your successes working with small landowners.
Nancy Patch
have to sign off. thanks for your work on this. It is a must
Robert Perschel
I see that the Boston building provides housing. Great emotional communication connection - when can get the residents together with the people that grew and produced the wood and built the building. Nice interplay between the two working groups we selected - that's the way it should work. Thanks everyone!