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Talking Heads: Talking Health with Brigadier Toby Rowland - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/2
Sorry my camera is off to get a better WiFi signal. Apologies. Sue.
Michael Gretton
Since I left the services (end of last century) the Military Covenant has been created. The Covenant is between the country and the military and vice versa. Are you familiar with the Covenant and are the values transferable to the NHS?
Kunle Ologunebi
Do you think the concept of stepping back for a moment, in the middle of a ‘storm’, before making a decision works in the military? If yes, should it be encouraged within NHS, especially in situations where whether a newly born baby lives or dies is determined in seconds?
Stephen Carey
Do you feel that the leadership skills required to emerge from COVID will be different from the more "command and control" approach going in ? The poet TS Elliot said "April is the cruellest month" - I guess he meant that all the hidden problems emerge in Spring, and that is difficult.