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NewCAL Community Update Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Judy Jaffe
Is there an elevator?
Josh Morse
Yes. At least on.
Josh Morse
Susan Roni
Will there be a theater space with a stage?
Amelia LeClair
I thought there would be a performance/theater space, no?
Gloria Gavris, NewtonCommunityPride
Hello all, I’m writing on behalf of Newton Community Pride, a non profit in the city supporting arts & culture programming. I am sorry I can not stay but I have a 7:00 PM meeting I am presenting at. I want to state my support for a large multi use space used as a cafeteria/auditorium with seating capacity of 200-300 people. This would be a wonderful idea built with staging for future arts, theatre & music programming at NewCal. This is a wonderful opportunity for both the arts community which seeks more space in the city for rehearsal and performance and users & visitors to NewCal to enjoy some wonderful free community arts programming. In addition, please consider for your walls gallery space for local artists to display their work for the engagement and interest of your visitors and users. Thank you for this opportunity and potential use!
miriam jost
Foot traffic flow - are you planning that most people will arrive on foot or by car….? 1st floor layout seems like the assumption is walk-in at front door. Has this assumption been tested?
Amelia LeClair
thank you Gloria Gavris - I totally agree that this is a promising space for a theater arts and music programming /cafeteria with 200-300 seats
Susan Roni
There is a weekly theater class. Where would that be placed?
Gloria Gavris, NewtonCommunityPride
Thank you Josh, appreciate you keeping the art community on your radar and its potential enjoyment that it can bring your users.
Jeff Kahn
We advise to save the front tree if possible and incorporate the stained glass as a focal point in the new building along with any other touches that blend the old and new (like we did at the Cabot School).
Susan Reisler’s iPad
The construction of Trio brought out the rats living underground. They invaded nearby houses. What is your plan to control these vermin. I live nearby.
Will NewCAL be a green building? For example, will low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials be used? Will carpet on cement be used (bad for those with allergies)? Also, does the air circulation/filtration system meet certain standards (thinking of Covid)?
Grey Held while/he,him
Can there be some consideration for having artists involved in designing/creating certain unique features like stair railings/banisters or bench seating on the decks?
Jeff Kahn
Any information on what the covered potion of the parking will look like and whether the building will have solar?
Grey Held while/he,him
Thank you
Amelia LeClair
One more question about performance space: is there a plan for sound and lighting technology available to performing artists?
Lakshmi Narayan Kadambi
Where will someone who takes the Ride get off?
The first floor public spaces look very promising in terms of active and passive spaces. I think that the reception desk needs to be more visible when people enter the building, first say hello to people and make contact, second to be available for questions.
Susan Roni
What is a realistic guesstimate as to when the new center might open?
Alice Ingerson
Reception desk - another option is to make it a half-round shape.
Philip Hanser
Would you consider an alternative to carpeting on slab such as bamboo or cork? Either of these is durable/renewably-sourced, reduces joint pressure and eases the use of walkers and wheelchairs.
Homer Franck
‑What the primary activities in the gym?
Lakshmi Narayan Kadambi
Thanks, sorry
Philip Hanser
Will there be billiard tables permanently situated anywhere?
Amelia LeClair
will the parking area be solar and have EV chargers?
Lakshmi Narayan Kadambi
You cannot move Billiards tables but you could put a TT table on the Billiards table.
Lakshmi Narayan Kadambi
Thanks to everybody involved in the planning. I am sorry I have to leave.
Susan Roni
Will center activities be able to happen after 5pm?
Also need enough electrical outlets for people who want to charge their cell phones
Philip Hanser
this is from Jane Hanser: Just as tennis can and is most fun played outdoor, in inclement weather - often half the year in certain climates like ours - people play indoors. Pickleball can't be much louder than handball, and racketball, sports played indoors to the delight of many.
Ed Brown
What about having outdoor bocci and/or shuffleboard court.
Philip Hanser
What can be done in the building design to extend the operating hours of the senior center beyond what they used to be? The operating hours were quite short some days, particularly days that isolated seniors would have appreciated a place to go to.
Emily O'Neil
What is the total square footage of the building?
Christopher Pitts
THX everyone, very exciting.
Emily Norton
EV owners don’t need to bring chargers with them
Amelia LeClair
Thanks all - very informative and exciting.
This is SOOO very exciting! How wonderful! Thank you!
Alice Ingerson
It feels like we're going to get more than I ever imagined would be possible on this site. I bet there will also be surprising, inventive interactions between NewCAL and other Newtonville organizations, businesses and developments. Great progress!
Susan Roni
Will the elevator be large?
Thomas Friedman
Josh, thank you for speaking about scheduling as the secret to success. This is a small building for a large municipality so there should be emphasis on scheduling, including lots of visual cues (e.g. flat screens).
Emily Norton
Thank you for the great work Josh and Jayne!