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Worship at First UMC, 10am - Shared screen with speaker view
Coralie Allen
I cannot hear anything. I've tested my computer audio, which works just fine. Is anything happening?
Kathie Snodgrass
Good morning, everybody. Isn't this cooler weather a relief? We have the following prayer requests so far this morning. Are there others? - Prayers of celebrations that school is out for the summer next week. Thank-you to all of our educators for providing an excellent education in a very difficult year.- Healing and comfort for Kay Duffield who is hospitalized in St. Patrick's Hospital with lung issues. Success for the doctors and nurses working with her to help keep her lungs functioning longer.- Comfort for the family and friends of Mary Corcoran, who passed away May 29th.- Comfort for the friends and family (especially his wife Ginger and three sons) of Don MacDonald of Federal Way, WA, who passed away last week.
James Olivarez
no sound
James Olivarez
good now
Teresa Henry
Congratulations to Rocky Allen for winning the Early Childhood Champion Award from Missoula Aging Services!
Peg Plimpton
way to go Rocky!!!!
Peg Plimpton
if you got it flaunt it
Kathie Snodgrass
Why was the sound cut off? I wanted to hear Luke.