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Tele-PrEP: Preventing HIV in the Covid-19 Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
For anyone with questions, please log those in either the chat window (here) or through the Q&A option. Thank you!
Rebecca Erenrich
ETR is launching a randomized-controlled trial called PrEPTECH 2 (n = 400) investigating a telehealth intervention aiming to increase uptake and adherence to PrEP among MSM and transgender women ages 15-27 in Los Angeles County and the SF Bay Area and Miami-Dade, and Broward Counties in Fla. If you are interested in hearing more about it or have connections in one of the 4 study sites and would be interested in collaborating (we are in need of partners!), I’d love to hear from you. Rebecca.erenrich@etr.org
Alireza Fakhriravari
How long would you be willing to go without HIV test with on-demand PrEP?
Rebecca Erenrich
Esther C Schumann MD AAHIVS
For transgender women TRUVADA or DESCOVY?
LaToya Tyson
I NEVER hear any substantive information about HIV prevention for cisgender, heterosexual black men. We need to be addressing the men infecting the black women.
Clint Hopkins
I’m disappointed to hear that everyone is pushing their patients to use mail order pharmacy. There are many local independent pharmacies across the nation who will take great care of your patients. Additionally, most mail order pharmacies will NOT work with manufacturer copay assistance programs or ADAP programs. Your patients will have to pay copays and deductibles if they use mail order. Your local pharmacies may only be able to fill 30 day supplies but I’m sure they will be glad to put your patients on a medication synchronization program, work with the manufacturer and ADAP assistance programs, and follow them to ensure they are compliant with their regimens. These small businesses are vital to your communities. Please support them.
Heather Smith
I would be happy to share my experiences If anyone has follow up questions technical programming questions we do statewide TelePrEP in AZ, so the COVID pandemic truly didn't impact our PrEP services too much but rather increased them. We have had several new prep starts this month. We use the ready set PrEP program and Advancing Access to pay for meds as well as a grant to pay for labs for uninsured. We send patients to Quest or LabCorp for labs including creatinine panel, HIV, RPR/VDRL, HBV, HCV, CMP but currently experiencing some difficulties with LabCorp accepting self collect swabs for STI. Heather Smith: hsmith@cancommunityhealth.orgWe use Qliq, Healow, and eCW to comply with HIPAA. OraQuick is the home HIV testing and many states offer them for free now: we ship to your house in AZ, I know FL has the same program
Heather Smith
Both are available for transgender women (MtF) TRUVADA or DESCOVY FtM trans only Truvada