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Reviving Rural Community-Based Economic Development - Shared screen with speaker view
Megan Laudenschlager
Thank you to those who just joined! We will have plenty of time for Q & A, so please type your questions into the Zoom chat when you have them.
Melissa Thury
Public Transportation is interesting - this is one of the biggest obstacles or clients/patients face.
Laurie Dietz
These grants are very helpful! We have received both the Partners in Panning & Vibrancy. THANK YOU
Melissa Thury
Do city/county representatives have to be the applicants for these grants? Could community members plan and apply?
Paige Cary
Where could I find information about the larger national economic grant for brick and mortar projects over 1 million?
Amy Ones
Are there any economic development funds available to support city infrastructure...specifically streets? Without sound infrastructure, our economic development capabilities are becoming futile in our community.
Melissa Thury
Thank you Shawn, very informative.