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Fire Prevention Through an Environmental Lense – With the EPA - Shared screen with speaker view
Maureen Smith
Good Morning this is Maureen Smith
Kathryn Barres
Good morning Maureen, thank you for joining us!
Kathryn Barres
Good morning!
Kathryn Barres
Please type any questions that you may have in the Q&A
Elena Adriani
We can't thank you and all the Firefighters enough for the sacrifices and miracles you perform on daily basis! πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
Rob Lind
By way of explanantion; "AFFF" is Aqueous Film Forming Foam - containing PFOS (and a range of cancer causing chemicals, notably PFAS). FRV and FES only use and supply "Fluorine-Free" foam and we have been removing and disposing PFAS contaminated extinguishers for the past few years. You can identify these terms on the extinguishers and we are happy to provide further guidance via service@fes.com.au
Rob Lind
Should add, that all our disposals are in accordance with EPA certified guidelines.
Michael Tisbury
Thanks everyone
Helen Szabo
Under the EP Act there are Duties of persons depositing industrial waste - which is generators of the waste. Some parts ectinguishers etc can be industrial waste. PFAS can only be accepted by certain licensed waste receivers and needs to be tracked.
Elena Adriani
thank you
Rob Lind - FES
Another good thing to help our firies is to keep your site/s fully compliant on testing of all the Essential Safety Measures. πŸ™‚In a fire, your site becomes the firefighters' workplace.
Aaron Leis
Thanks everyone, great presentation