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LWV Skagit Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Bev Herbst
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Bev Herbst
Carol Sullivan
Please explain abbreviations! L.E., B.H., P.W, SUD TX - I’m not familiar with these.
Marcia, Doris
PSH is a necessity-- I know someone who lives in the Morrison Hotel in downtown Seattle, it's a Godsend. He has not been homeless for 8 years.
Marcia, Doris
Is there an existing strategic plan in Skagit County that includes expanded PSH or transition housing for people in recovery? Is there a proposal or model plan that Skagit County can or does use as a template?
Suzanne Butler
Why is Phoenix Rising closing?
Marcia, Doris
The waste of money … maybe the housing committee can look at the cost of treatment, the cost of hospitalization, the cost of building low income housing Since there is hardly any vacancy, vouchers are not an answer. Zoning to allow housing or repurpose existing buildings that are currently unused?
Kate Dahlstedt
Is Catholic Community Svcs. An option for doing drug evals. for the jail?
Marcia, Doris
There are people in Skagit looking and willing to provide transition housing but since there are so few houses for sale that are affordable and in neighborhoods that can fit-- it's stuck!