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EPA Green Energy for Congregations Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
USCJ Admin
Someone asked: What is the practical or cost-effective "northern limit" in US/Canada for installation of solar panels?
Peter Kussell
What are the issues to OE in
Peter Kussell
what are the issues to ownership with roof repair replacement?
Peter Kussell
So towns control if you can set up solar?
R Stephen TBE Birmingham, AL
That cost of the new roof just discussed is the major impediment that we have to account for via cost savings at Temple Beth El in Birmingham. That is a key piece for us.
Gena Cohen
Us too at B'nai Jeshurun in Cleveland, OH.
Jordan Fried
Can a congregation create its own community - say we wanted to get together with a church across the street to share costs and benefits?
Shaarey Tikvah
If roof installation is not practical or possible, how far away from the serviced building can the panels be?
R Stephen TBE Birmingham, AL
Question for Risa, are there Federal incentives for solar panel installation, either in place, or new incentives expected?
R Stephen TBE Birmingham, AL
Looks like you have 27 rows of panels there?
R Stephen TBE Birmingham, AL
Have the solar panels made doing ongoing roof repair/maintenance more difficult?
Diane Rayor
Will this recording or slides be available?
USCJ Admin
yes we will share the recording and the slides
R Stephen TBE Birmingham, AL
Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)Alabama Power’s Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) program allows customers to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates associated with energy generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar.Purchasing RECs is a way for individuals and businesses to support renewable energy development. Customers can participate in the REC program for as little as $1.25 a month.To learn more and to sign up for the Renewable Energy Certificate program, call Alabama Power Customer Service at 1-800-990-2726.More information about RECs is available from the EPA’s website:thank you Risa!
Diane Rayor
Thank you! This was very helpful.
Temple Sinai
Please send me the slides: johannaschoss@gmail.com (Temple Sinai of Cinnaminson, New Jersey)