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Gwinnett Cares Healthcare Summit - January 27 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Tina Fischlin
Morning....thank you for organizing this event
Paige Havens
Please mute your microphones until we open for questions. Thank you!
Paige Havens
If you have questions, submit them via chat and we will field them to our speakers as we move through our discussion this morning.
Doug Bolton
Does taking Tylenol affect the vaccine before and after the shot is given?
Antonio Molina
She is amazing!!!
Jill Kersh
Audrey, we appreciate you!!!!
Kim Lucier
We are so lucky to have Dr. Arona. a true leader!
thanks to dr Arona for all that you do is vaccine safe for someone planning for pregnancy by I feel
Barbara Hoag
A 56 yo male was told by his primary care physician that he could not get the COVID vaccine until he gets the pneumonia vaccine. I had not heard that before. Is this a new standard?
Peter Gleichman
Will GA be developing a unified vaccination appointment registration portal?
Esther McQuaide
If my personal physician is unable to provide ANY vaccination information, does that mean that I have the wrong physician? How can it be that a Northside Hospital-affiliated physician is unable to provide even information and advice about how, when, and where to obtain a vaccination to patients 77 years of age? Shocking.
Scott Sikes, FAHP
10,000,000 people in Georgia divided by 100,000 vaccinations-available-per-week = 100 weeks = 2 years to deploy?
Habiba Virani
will everyone who got the first dose for sure get the second dose?
Habiba Virani
lots of ppl are worried about their second dose
Lisa Winton
I’m a manufacturing facility. Do you have an idea when 1B will get vaccinated?
Dionitia Cornell
How much protection does the first vaccine provide for 65+?
Jennifer Wilds
I am already late for my second dose and have not been able to schedule it due to booked appointments
Justin Smith
How is the decision made to move on to the next tier in the vaccine allocation scheme? Any idea about when GA might move to 1B and beyond?
Tracy Proell
Reading stories across the US of vaccines being thrown away at the end of the day b/c of people not showing up for vaccines. And that providers cannot reallocate the vaccine at the end of the day to others accompanying the 1A adults and are being forced to throw away the extras if they exist. How do we ensure that every vaccine is used and not disposed of due to red tape?
Scarlett Rigsby
If we are in the highest rate of cases ever reported and yet so many areas of society are moving back to "normal" activities, how do we ever get this under control? Some school districts in Metro area do not require masks of students.
Mike Hesterley
My wife and I are scheduled for the 2nd Moderna on 2-6-21. Will there be enough supply for that date? BTW, this is through the Gwinnett, Newton, Rockdale Health Departments.
Diane Stern
What help will be given to those who are unable to book their second dose?
Audrey Arona
Dr. Audrey Arona
Audrey Arona
Cell: 678-794-4189
Audrey Arona
Email: Audrey.arona@gnrhealth.com
Paige Havens
First dose gives 85% protection after 2 weeks and after 2nd 95%
Robert Grossman
Is that for the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccine? My understanding is that they are different.
Randy Redner
What is your current best estimate of when everyone in Georgia who wants to vaccinated will be?
Lisa Winton
Is there a plan for vaccines for no shows at the large scale vaccination sites? There seemed to be no plan at Mercedes Benz stadium 2 weeks ago
Habiba Virani
will there be enough vaccine for those who are scheduled for their second dose
Jamie Lackey
What happens to the doses that were allocated to hospitals if the hospital staff aren't using them all?
Jamie Lackey
Thank you!
Christina Moore
Thank you Dr. Arona ! With covid cases on the rise and the current rate of the vaccine distribution , what do you recommend to community organizations that utilize volunteers? Should we be still limiting group gatherings over 10 people?
Andrea Stephenson
As a demi-retired epidemiologist and public health director I believe there is a very large supply of very well trained volunteers our there. Do you have a program, other than MRC, to reach out and get their help and make sure they are being well utilized, in for example, education and training.
Esther McQuaide
Given that many people (including even health care providers) are resisting being vaccinated, how can it be that it is so very difficult for those of us who are 1A and actively seeking vaccinations have so much difficulty even logging on to request one. Doesn’t this illustrate how very unprepared the state and county are to handle this pandemic.
Renee Byrd-Lewis
Thank you Dr. Toomey.
Jennifer Wilds
We so appreciate Dr. Arona and her amazing team!!!
Kim Smith
If it's so contagious, how is it that my daughter, contracted covid-19 and got sick, and I never contracted? I've tested negative twice with no symptoms and she has since tested negative.
Audrey Arona
Welcome Dr. McDonald!!!!!
Hamid George Bangura
Are there any volunteering opportunities to help input these vaccine records into GRITs?
Paige Havens
There are no volunteer opportunities to input vaccine records - individual personal health information is protected under HIPPA laws.
Peter Gleichman
Many of us Rotarians would like to know what volunteer opportunities do exist.
Esther McQuaide
Why isn’t there a Georgia system for 1A category people to make a waiting list entry and be contacted when a time slot is available? The current (competitive) process requires nearly full-time efforts, a very inefficient process, often leading to overloads of on-line registration processes. The medical technology of the vaccine development is amazing, but the administrative/IT processes are unbelievably primitive and inefficient!
Khari Waithe-Alexander
can we get a copy of these slides emailed to us?
Paige Havens
We will gladly share slides that Dr. McDonald shares with us.
Jocylyn Mcgiboney
How long does the vaccine last? Would we have to get it every year like the flu shot?
Nikki Hallacy
Love v-safe! So easy to use!
Justin Smith
Is there any timeline on the "booster" shot that Moderna is developing to improve vaccine efficacy against emergent SarsCov2 variants?
Rodger Harris
what is the county doing to disinfect and protect county/city facilities?
Marc Cohen
will you send a copy of the ppts and or recording?
Paige Havens
Link to recording and presentations will be shared.
Peter Gleichman
Recording is fine but doesn't help with all those slides that Dr. McDonald had to breeze through.
Jill Kersh
Thank you Dr. McDonald!
Renee Byrd-Lewis
Thank you, Dr. McDonald. Great information.
Scott Sikes, FAHP
what is average age of those hospitalized for COVID-19?
Jennifer Hendrickson
Thank you all so much, I have to log off. I appreciate everyone for bringing this summit forward!
Vanessa Lawrence
Could you confirm which tier teacher are in?
Sarah Fonder-Kristy
What is your target number of vaccines you want to distribute for Phase 1?
K Towne
Teachers were 1B
Esther McQuaide
Could you please talk about vaccinations at Kroger, Publix, and other pharmacies? That has been announced, but either isn’t happening or is happening at such a low rate that it’s not having any apparent impact. What are the facts and plans?
Kim Smith
I work with predominately over 65 kinship caregivers, many of them struggle with internet, computers and have a lack of informal supports to schedule the appointments, they are frustrated. They should be available at local pharmacies and seniors should be able to call to schedule an appt.
Mary Beth Bender
How do we lobby Homeland Security to add critical infrastructure employees (Power, Public Works, etc.) as essential employees?
Scott Sikes, FAHP
If the vaccines were paid for by Federal taxpayers, why are people being asked to show MediCare cards or provide health Insurance information?
Esther McQuaide
Please elaborate on “asking my physician to enroll”. I don’t understand what he needs to enroll in. Also, why is it up to patients to ask their physicians to enroll. Is there no way to make this process pro-active?
Diane Fisher
What info is needed to sign up for a vaccine appointment?
Mary Dunning
Understanding the need to keep all appt, but sometimes you need to cancel, but there isnt an easy way to cancel an appt once you make it. is there a number to call for this?
Audrey Arona
Providers across Georgia including pharmacies have been contacted by the State office requesting them to enroll as a vaccine provider. We do encourage patients to ask their doctors if they plan to enroll. The process is easy. You can encourage your doctor to reach out to me if they are unaware of how to proceed.
Rodger Harris
my family and friends work in public offices - what is county/city doing to clean, disinfect, or protect their employees office space or public spaces?
Audrey Arona
The vaccine is safe for those attempting pregnancy. Pregnant patients can still get the vaccine but need to reach out to their doctor first.
Paige Havens
Esther - every doctor in the state has been contacted and notified as to how to enroll but it is optional for them to enroll in the vaccination efforts. If they know they have the demand form their patients it helps to incentivize them to enroll
Antonio Molina
When can we expect a new shipment or appointments being made available in Gwinnett? I have had a number of our medical team that have been reviewing the website daily and have not been able to find a single appointment. We have also been contacted at the practice by a higher number of seniors attempting to get the vaccine.
Jill Kersh
I know of doctors (including mine/ Dr. Randy Cronic) that have applied for the vaccine and hasn't been distributed any
Audrey Arona
MRC is the best way to help the Health Dept as a volunteer. They vet all persons and also provide liability avenues. You do not have to be in healthcare to sign up for MRC (Medical Reserve Corp). You can join through MRCGEM.com/join
Esther McQuaide
Why is there such a range of severity among COVID cases, even among any given type of patient (age, obesity, other vulnterabilities, …)? Could it be that there are far more varieties than we realize? Also, is the nature of the exposure a factor (directly being coughed on, sharing enclosed space, exposure by contact rather than via the air, …)? Can you shed any light on why there is such a range in severity?
Audrey Arona
Currently there is no evidence to suggest that the vaccines we have will not work against variants of COVID-19.
Paige Havens
Explore community volunteer opportunities to meet our most current needs: https://gwinnettcares.org/want-to-help/volunteer/
Rodger Harris
I’ve ready that a daily vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin D help reduce risk is this true?
Rodger Harris
Rodger Harris
thank you!
Renee Byrd-Lewis
Dr. Arona reports "the Health Department receives doses of vaccine in various quantities each week. Once we receive the doses, we then open appointments for the following week. We do prioritize the 2nd doses."
Pamela Robbins
I am a breast cancer patient at Suburban Hematology Oncology, and I am over 65y/o. I am on a wait list there for the vaccine, but they have received a very limited supply. I was told yesterday that they don't know when or if they will get more. Having a very low WBC due to treatment, I would much prefer to get the vaccine at my doctors office, rather than going to a more crowded venue. Is there a way to get more vaccine into this type of facility?
Cortney Compton
What was that age range for the 525 deaths?
Audrey Arona
The vaccine allocations to every approved provider will hopefully increase in the future. Again, the limiting factor is vaccine. I pray for vaccine every day.
Dana Russell
Cortney Compton
Thank you Dana
Paige Havens
The place to dive deeper into the data is to explore GNR Covid-19 Data Dashboard at https://www.gnrhealth.com/covid-19-info/
Audrey Arona
No research has been done to look specifically at Tylenol and/or ibuprofen and their potential interference with the vaccine. It has been suggested that these medications may blunt the antibody response to any vaccine but its not clear as to what this means. Some say this may happen if the medications are taken before the injection. More research is needed.
Peter Gleichman
I hear from my wife, who's a psychologist practicing from home via telehealth, how much the pandemic has impacted her clients -- anxiety, depression from isolation and otherwise, etc.
Paige Havens
If you would like to help care for our healthcare heroes check out https://gwinnettcares.org/want-to-help/donate/
Audrey Arona
Thank you, Dr. Buchanan - your information is so critical!!
Jill Kersh
Audrey, are there indications that our state will have increased number of vaccines soon? If so, when?
Esther McQuaide
Lots of great practical information! Thank you very much.
Audrey Arona
We have been told not to expect more vaccine until at least March. I am hoping our allocation increases.
Jill Kersh
I hope so. Thanks for all you are doing
Kim Smith
Very informative from all the speakers, thank you!
Theresa Harris
Thank you Dr. Buchannan for practical advice and encouraging personal responsibility based on common sense.
Antonio Molina
Is there a system by which when no shows occur we can send people that qualify under 1A+ to get their vaccine?
Mike Hesterley
Kudos to everyone involved with GNR for the work you have put forth towards getting the vaccine into our arms. This Summit has been extremely informative and beneficial.
Thomas Ferrin
There is concern that some of the appointments for the second vaccine are more than 29 days from the first.What is the actual window of time for the second vaccine? I’ve heard that the CDC is considering extending the second dose to 6 weeks after the first.
Lisa Winton
The contact info seems to have disappeared
Shannon Norville
I am a childcare director at.
Esther McQuaide
Why can’t Microsoft, Stanford Medical, Stanford HAI, etc have an Operation Warp Speed - like program for developing a robust system for vaccine request registration (including providing all necessary documentation)? That could have been done months ago. It is a terrible indictment of our federal government that that hasn’t been done. However, it CAN be done now, if there is a commitment to it. Georgia and Gwinnett County officials should demand it on behalf of us, the citizens!
Cecilia Joshi
if someone is vaccinated can they still get some of the major effects if they get covid ( heart and lung and kidney damage) that some patients even with mild symptoms end up with?
Amy Haney
Do you know yet where the 2d dose clinic on Feb 6 will be held? Any issues with that?
Esther McQuaide
Given that the duration of protection of the vaccine is unknown, isn’t there a risk that the slow roll-out of vaccinations will mean that the vaccine has “expired” for some before others have been vaccinated, thereby preventing “herd immunity”?
Shannon Norville
i am a dirrctor of a private preschool that is certified exempt by DECAL... we have been told our staff can get in on 1b vaccines.. what would my staff need to register to show proof of essential worker
Vanessa Lawrence
Can you clarify that if you receive a positive test result between your 1st and 2nd dose, do you wait 90 days before receiving the second dose?
Anna Denman
Is the second shot identical in composition to the first shot?
Mike Hesterley
We have our appointments on 2-6-21 but the location is TBD. Any news on where? We live in Newton County?
Amy Haney
Same question as Mike above. Have appt for 2d dose clinic on 2/6 but no info on where,
Esther McQuaide
Has anyone set up a “clearinghouse” which can scan all potential registration sites and allow people to register once and have the system scan all potential vaccination time slots within (say) 20 miles? For example, what is your opinion of the VAX APP that has been developed by an IT expert and offered for free.
Nicole Wesig
Thank you doctors for disseminating this wealth of information. This information really assists us when answering questions from citizens within our communities. We truly appreciate your hard work.
Audrey Arona
Audrey Arona MD
Pamela Robbins
Thank you all so much!
Audrey Arona
Cell: 678-794-4189
Tracy Proell
Thank you so much for this informative session. We appreciate you!
Audrey Arona
Lonnie Allen
I was scheduled for 2nd dose on January 30th with TBD on where. They then sent an email yesterday letting me know the location. It is not by me and I have to drive some but that is okay with me. They should let you know next week.
Joey Helton
Thank you!
Audrey Arona
Laura Ricker
Thank you all!!!
Glenda Hicks
Excellent session. Thank you everyone!
very good and informative thanks to the panel
Esther McQuaide
Thank you for the session. Hope you can share the most useful questions/ideas with appropriate agencies.
Lisa Winton
thank you for organizing this
Marc Cohen
Great job everyone. Thanks!
carole boyce
Very informative. Thanks to all!
Christina Moore
Thank you for this great information!
Tandric Bowden
Thank you everyone that presented on today! Valuable information!
J Goh
Thank you for the sharing! Keep safe and take care everyone!!
Beverly O'Toole
Thank you for putting this on! Very informative!
Jared & Natalie Scoggins
how can we share video?
Diana Howell
how do we contact the local delegation?
Shelli-Ann McKenzie,HHCP
Excellent, Informative, and timely session!!! Invaluable. Great job everyone. Be safe!