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Andrew Law - Latest changes to support for businesses re COVID - Shared screen with speaker view
Marketing AlbertGoodman
Good Morning everyone. Thank you for joining us for this live Webinar
Marketing AlbertGoodman
If you have any questions as we go through, please enter them in the chat facility here and Andrew will answer he we go through or at the end of the webinar if there are lots of questions.
Chris Moyle
can JSS salaries be made up by employer to 100%?
EEmma Smith
If someone has to isolate for two weeks, do they just get standard sick pay? inc the paid 3 days in beginning
Fiona Upper Alto
Can I put someone on JSS but also employ another person? (There are some parts of the job the existing employee cant safely do due to being very vulnerable)
Do you think there is a potential for the basis of a claim to be made on a reference pay that is amended (contractual amendment) 1st Nov i.e. someone agrees to take a pay cut
Will any of this be applicable for Directors?