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District Dialogue (35 & 36) - Shared screen with speaker view
Anna Scheel, ARRM
Tracy Murphy
Thank you all!!
Tracy Murphy
ANCOR report https://www.ancor.org/sites/default/files/the_state_of_americas_direct_support_workforce_crisis_2021.pdf
Phil Griffin
SorryI need to sign off. Thanks Senators!
Tracy Murphy
Thanks Phil!
Stacy Roe
We need DHS and providers to be utilizing the principles that come from the Culture of Safety/Collaborative Safety to work through the incidents and look at the variety of factors that impact an incident, not just who to blame.
Tracy Murphy
Yes Stacy! Yes!!
Tracy Murphy
From my HR Director, just now ….• DHS is scheduled to resume Finger Print based background studies starting November 3, 2021. At that time we will begin submitting our new employees through the fully compliant study process. Since April 6, 2020 we have been using the “Emergency background study” process due to COVID. On or after December 1, 2021 we will begin the transition to the resubmissions for fully compliant studies for those currently with emergency studies. This means we will be scheduling finger prints for all new employees we have hired since April 2020 to present.
Tracy Murphy
Thank you Senators for your support, ideas and listening hearts. Thank you ARRM for organizing. Thank you providers for advocating for your clients, residents and staff!!
Tracy Murphy
I need to run. Let me know how else I can help!
Loriann Granados (she/her)
Thanks so very much! This is such important information.