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Increasing Family Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines - Shared screen with speaker view
Frances Gmur
What message are we giving regarding the potential for myo or pericarditis?
Stacy Harris, she/her
how do you approach individuals who report their provider told them they do not have to get the vaccine if they already had the virus based on their antibody levels? The provider expressed that the immune system can be overloaded if it already has enough naturally acquired l antibodies than gets the vaccine. As a nurse this is really challenging since it was their provider that told them this.
Sarah Rafton
Please contact me srafton@wcaap.org if you want to become a COVID vaccine provider and are not yet. I can help share ways DOH is supporting providers and changes that have occurred in amount of vaccine and ways to receive vaccine, etc. Also please contact me if you want to have examples of workflows for COVID-19 vaccine status / screening to reliably ask at all visits and have the conversation over time with families at primary care visits.
Stacy Harris, she/her
thank you
Annie Hoopes
Also wondering if either of you can speak to approaches when teen and parents disagree about vaccination
Ariana Salaiz
Please take a minute to complete this survey to give us your feedback on today's webinar: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLDZoPknMeQUvyxnmCIDl4NAOgiurWGiph4WskzWlEEwff6w/viewform
Melissa Barajas
In my area healthcare workers have begun to go on strike because they don't want to get vaccinated, what do you tell patients who say, "Why should I get the vaccine if providers and nurses don't want to get it?"
Ariana Salaiz