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Central banks and financial supervisors "greening the financial system” and UNFCCC COP26: what does it mean for pension funds? with Ben Caldecott - Shared screen with speaker view
Marcelo Jordan
Given the proliferation of initiatives/commitments, would it make sense for COP Pres to promote a single/unified coherent framework that institutional investors can sign up to, instead of having to deal with so many fragmented initiatives out there?
Adam Phillips
What are three most important factors to increasing the supply and quality of sustainable finance vehicles to offset the ongoing excess market demand/premium (green & transition bonds)? Excess premium is not sustainable if the majority of sustainable finance investment vehicles deliver lower returns relative to asset substitutes (ex. infrastructure). Any sustained recession or global market retrenchment may derail the success of sustainable investments over the past decade (due to the this paradigm).
Adam Phillips
Thank you, Ben.
Lynn Johannson
Fair answer, thanks Ben.
Adam Phillips
Great point, Ben.
Adam Phillips
Thank you, Rob!