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SEJ Webinar - "Post-Election Reality Check: A Green Recovery for All?" - Shared screen with speaker view
Mckenna Coffey
Hello all! Welcome to our SEJ 2020 Webinar on Post-Election Reality Check: A Green Recovery For All? We’ll go ahead and get started in a few moments.Please take a moment to locate the Q+A function at the bottom of your zoom window. We will be using this to communicate your questions with the panelists. Please reserve the chat for comments or links to relevant resources. Also note that we all SEJ Webinars are recorded. This webinar will be made available within a few business days. The chat will also be available for download.
David Biderman
If anyone has any questions about solid waste or recycling issues, please feel free to contact me at dbiderman@swana.org. I run SWANA, the largest association in the waste/recycling sector in the U.S. EPA issued a new National Recycling Goal last week, which is a HUGE development, and has proposed a National Recycling Strategy. Due to the election, COVID and other news, these have received virtually no coverage. David at SWANA
Mckenna Coffey
Finally, here are some links to SEJ content relevant to today’s discussion. We invite you to explore these resources.https://www.sej.org/publications/backgrounders/even-without-senate-biden-can-still-do-much-fight-climate-changehttps://www.sej.org/publications/tipsheet/conservative-court-consider-upcoming-environment-cases
Mckenna Coffey
Some reporting from Donovan on drought and the importance of water security: https://navajotimes.com/reznews/making-it-rain/
Mckenna Coffey
As a reminder, please add all questions to the Q&A feature within the video window. You can find the Q&A button at the bottom-center of the Zoom window. Thank you!
Maura Stephens
Great new book about the climate situation in China, which will shock you, especially as Xi recently announced “bold new climate goals” at the UN. “China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse” by Richard Smith. Here’s a great interview with Smith on some of the subjects therein: https://systemchangenotclimatechange.org/article/richard-smith-chinas-engine-environmental-collapse
Meaghan Parker
For more on this topic, join Covering Climate Now's Talking Shop webinar December 2nd from 12 noon to 1pm US Eastern Time. Panelists include:Neela Banerjee, NPR climate editorMatthew Green, Reuters climate correspondentJustin Worland, TIME climate correspondent Register: https://coveringclimatenow.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ebd6cb7583637c885053eea45&id=7140ecf986&e=ce9ae6ebd2
Mckenna Coffey
Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and current Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley gave speeches in favor of a new proposal for debt relief and a green and inclusive COVID-19 recovery http://www.bu.edu/gdp/2020/11/15/debt-relief-for-a-green-and-inclusive-recovery/And a video of the remarks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoSdi12CImU&feature=youtu.be\
Meaghan Parker
Check out past webinars in this #SEJ2020 series here: https://www.sej.org/initiatives/sej-webinarsAnd stay tuned for the announcement of SEJ's annual Journalists' Guide to Environment and Energy, with date in late Jan/early Feb TBD. The 2021 edition will be virtually hosted by National Geographic. If you've got suggestions for speakers and topics, please send to sej@sej.org with Journalists' Guide in the subject line. Check out last year's event here:
Meaghan Parker
oops! Link to all past webinars: https://www.sej.org/initiatives/sej-webinars
Maura Stephens
More on China’s environmental policies and practices: https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/07/27/chinese-communist-party-environment-co2/
Meaghan Parker
Thank you to all the panelists for sharing their expertise and insights with us today!
Christy George
Thank you all so much for being part of this conversation!