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Susan Strow
how do you manage the I-20 requirements for short-term programs? Do you add them to your I-17?
Catrina DeBord (she/her/hers)
I have to run to another meeting but thanks so much for this thoughtful presentation and sharing your great practical advice, Andie! Sounds like you are taking a really smart and deliberate approach!
Susan Strow
thank you so much for the presentation. I need to run out to another meeting.
ISSS Clare Lake
Columbia College Chicago runs a summer program for high school students in which international students have participated and a few have subsequently enrolled. Students get 3 transferable credits.
ISSS Clare Lake
However, I still need to get it on our I-17 so I can issue F-1 visas. We use J right now but that means we can't charge the full fare and depend on a scholarship even where not merited.
ISSS Clare Lake
Andie, very informative session, will you be able to post the presentation on the IEI website?
Ally Mangia
I work for Cambridge Education Group which runs the pathway program for international students at IIT. Students matriculate after an academic year after meeting the GPA requirements.
Michelle Vale
I'm at a community college and our previous PDSO did not have certificate/non-degree programs listed on our I-17 and believed students could not get visas for these degrees. Knowing that's not the case, as the new PDSO I recently got certificate programs added to our I-17 to help with both boosting enrollment numbers and getting students into the pipeline which you talked about. We have many enticing certificate programs and if I can interest a student in coming to our school for those, then perhaps they'll want to stay to complete an Associates and then transfer for Bachelors, Masters, etc.
Anna Adamson
Thank you all! It was a very insightful webinar! Thank you Andie!
ISSS Clare Lake
@Michelle, that's good to know. Our recert when quickly as well, but glad they are approving programs a bit quicker...
Ramon Flores
Sharing an article about Certificate programs and international students https://www.universityherald.com/articles/77719/20210829/certificate-programs-pave-the-way-for-international-students-to-advance-their-careers-and-education-in-the-us.htm
Andie Ingram Eccles (she/her)
UChicago Harris Non-Degree Programshttps://info.harris.uchicago.edu/credential-programs
Ryan Donald
Thank you!
Ramon Flores
Thank you!