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Hinson Course -- Mystics of the Church - Shared screen with speaker view
Barbara Allen
Andrea, hearing an echo??
Amy Jennings
As I listen to Eckhart’s teaching on detachment and letting go, I am reminded of the essential concept of “kenosis” that is referred to in Phil. 2:7. God pours Godself out - it is pure grace so that we are one with God. Amen! As my college students would say, “Eckhart is the bomb” even if he was a heretic. Amazing how these mystics were seemingly labeled as heretics. Glenn, as a professed “heretic,” you are in good company! That is one of the many reasons why we love you so! ;-)
John Arnett
"God loved the world" but with their emphasis on detatchment would the mystics be concerned with our environmental crusades today?